Brick and Lace fail to lace the Harare Show

Part of the Brick and Lace Harare Crowd

They only pitched up at the event after one in the morning as 3500 entertainment starved, drunk fans impatiently waited for the biggest highlight of the night. Some people were already walking out and some threw all sorts of cans and bottles onto the stage.

The Jamaican duo left a trail of disappointment as evidenced by the average performance they did put up in Zambia the previous week. According to the Post, a Zambian news paper, They mixed their own songs with cover versions from Alicia Keys, Sean Paul and Beyonce which was pretty much the same thing they did in Harare. The highlight of their performance that night was a freaking dance competition. Yes, a dance competition folks!

For the record neither of the group members is called Brick nor Lace. “Our older sister Tasha was in the group a few years back. Back then our name was still Brick & Lace. Brick signifies strength in a woman, you know, her gritty, edgy side… and Lace just means she’s sexy, she’s feminine, she’s gonna be a woman. Brick & Lace signifies the strength and the beautiful side of a woman- the dichotomy of a woman and that’s who we are,” said Nailah one of the group member.

Mungwadzi Godwin

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