Macheso Abandons Leaked songs, Preps New Album

Leaked songs including Chimoko Changu and Tafadzwa Nyarara are the most popular in townships and growth points through out Zimbabwe. Most pirated CD copies are reported to be coming to Zimbabwe from down south. Macheso reportedly made the songs popular at his live shows as people would make recordings on their mobile phones. He however, never played the tracks in full. The tracks on the leaked album hovering the streets are original studio works done last year when Macheso intended to release a new album

Moment of weakness..
THE LEAKAGE of four tracks that had INITIALLY been earmarked for Alick Macheso’s next album seem to have been a moment of weakness by the musician himself. Macheso has since abandoned the tracks that have flooded the market in recent weeks and is finalising a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT album due for release within the next two weeks. -- Harare Metro
Girlfrend leaks Album...
Sources claim that Macheso would play the music on his car radio and his second wife to-be, Tafadzwa Fortunate Mapako, had access to the music. She is understood to have then availed the music to a close friend of hers — known as Monalisa from Ruwa. This Monalisa is linked to Shiga Shiga, the popular backing vocalist for Utakataka Express. “That is how the music left Macheso and ended up on the black market. Tafadzwa probably was not even aware that the music would end up being pirated. Its not like she deliberately availed the music to pirates but she trusted a friend who ended up feeding the poachers,”

Mungwadzi Godwin

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