We need a hit! - Open Letter to Stunner

Doggies!! Is it just me or did it ever cross your mind that Stunner last caught a buzz and made a hit in 2008? Wow thats a long time ago and we are in 2011!? Okay lets take a quick survey, how many Stunner songs do you know? I hear he is got a new CD out but people are not really talking about it. I remember when that shona track with Rihanna came out, the crowds went nuts! He did it big at the clubs and weddings, fast forward the tape and thats that?

2010 was the one for Winky D and only time can tell whether the gentlemen will be consistant or fall off the radar. I been doing my homework and statistically speaking, Winky D has managed to capitalize on his fame not only in the streets but on the social networks as well. His facebook page has over 17 000 fans whilst Stunner barely reaches 3000. After droping Musarowa Bigman, Winky went on to release a string of hits such as Bus di shot, Controverse, and that other Shona one with King Shady. I went to one club on new year's eve and the Dj played Winky D from 23.30 till new year and they kept rewinding one song. I thought that was amaizing because for those thirty minutes the song recieved the same energy as they kept chanting "Maninja, tavharisa 2010!"

I keep asking myself the question, what could have possibly gone wrong with Stunner? What could be the reason for the downfall? I m not a music expect and this does not need a music expect. Its simple, the man doesnt collaborate with other other artists and producers. He doesnt work with the competition period. Anyone who is not from Glen Norah or from Tazoita Ca$h records will have a hard time working with this guy and I dont know why. I think he should get out of the closet for a second, stop working with Shastro, Toby etc or stop using Dr Clarence or what ever his name is beats for a second and visit say Tags, put iLL Ceey or Tek Neek on the hook or something. A Stunner, Tehn Diamond collaboration would be dope on a Tags beat. A Stunner featuring King Shady would shake things up a little. I dont know mayne.

The other thing is Stunner doesnt switch up his style. He keeps raping the same way of which to me gets boring. His lyrics are not exciting and they lack punchlines and his album is like a continuation of the same song. Me say why not rap in English for a change or maybe try a lil bit of singing, look at what Winky D does. The guy can flow, he can sing in both English and Shona and got good word play. He chooses his words carefully and thats working out good for him.

The other point is, and this is just general. Artists need good management. The biggest problem with local artists is that they want to handle everything themselves. They need to be concerntrating on making music and leave the other industry hustles and frustrations to other people. Sort of delegating and this should be left at the hands of proffesionals or atleast a dude who knows what he is doing. I swear you can never book Winky D for a show or talk business with him, you gotta go through his Management.
Mungwadzi Godwin

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