Washed up International artists charging exorbitant amounts for a one off show in Zimbabwe; Dj Naida and Friends React!

Above, Sniper Storm
Last September Akon came to Zimbabwe for a first ever high profiled concert since 1980. He was sweating on stage for only one and a half hours and rumor has it that he banked $350 000 from the transaction whilst local artists like Stunner or Sniper hardly get $300 for jumping on stage the whole night smh. The question on everybody's mind is who is to blame, the artists or the promoter? Food for thought, you do the dishes! However, yesterday morning, Dj Naida took it to the popular social network facebook in a topic that really brought up all sorts of emotions.

wats up with all these international artists coming to zim and chargin amounts they would never get anywhere else in the world? $200 000 to c u perform? I think not!! Not cooll!!! -- Dj Naida's Facebook

Its really messed up coz they would never ever get that much anywhere NEVER&im sure they'll be floodin this year, i dont think they are offered that much u kno zimbos will never pay more if they can pay less!!! local artists should stand up against this tanzwa nekutorerwa mari yevanhu!!!! -- Dj Naida's Facebook

Zimbabweans dont support their own zveshuwa whch is y we'l neva succeed at anythng.. If a local artist asks for $500 they r greedy,lyk wat the hell! Thats nt kul. Zim mindsets should change!! -- Dj Naida's Facebook

I agree with every1 else, zim artists hav a ryt to be upset and we should start a union! We hav rights n we r constantly bein exploited by our own!imagine that! --Dj Naida's Facebook
Mungwadzi Godwin

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