Diamond boy to release new single?

Most Zimbabweans across the world will be celebrating Independence day on Saturday the 16th of April because the default day falls on a Monday. One particular celebration getting so much buzz already is dubbed THE ALLSTAR ZIM INDEPENDENCE in Jo'burg, South Africa and features Buffalo Soulja, Munya and Jah Seed and many more Zimbabwean youth Ambassadors. The event's main attraction besides the fact that its Zimbabwe's birthday is the fact that Munya of the Big Brother fame will be launching his own single? (but I didnt know he was a musician) yeah me too but I guess thats why they call him the diamond guy. In a statement one of the event organizers, Buffalo Soulja said, "The 18th of April 1980 was the end of our liberation struggle and every year we throw a massive party. This year we doing it two days before on the 16th of April just because 18th is a Monday. We are going to call it THE ALLSTAR ZIM INDEPENDENCE with the ZIM AMBASSADORS BUFFALO SOULJAH/ Diamond boy Munya of Big Brother launching his new single and Jah Seed of Bongo Muffin."
Mungwadzi Godwin

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