Finding under me: Exclusive Meeghan Noelle Interview

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Greedysouth caught up with Meegan Noelle, a Zimbabwean born singer and song writer, who will be releasing her Album called Finding under me exactly seven days from now on the 5th of April for this exclusive interview!

So who is Meeghan Noelle
Meeghan Noelle is a Zimbabwean born singer songwriter who was raised overseas in Canada.

What really inspired you on "Finding under me?"
Everything really... I had been through an amazing period and time where I got to see the world and travel and then a rough period with relationships and self and was able to put it all down in the 14 tracks that made the cut for the record.

Tell us more about this project, who did u work with from Musicians to Producers
On this project I worked with two producers - Mike Garces, who is a Local producer in Calgary saw potential in me one day when we were sitting in his studio and I told him I wanted to to an Album. we jammed to some tunes and there began the start of 3 year journey writing and exploring melodically and lyrically. The other is Gerry Dacanay who is part of a band called Axis of Conversation. Gerry heard the original of Sometimes and took the vocal stems and did a few remixes of what he thought the track should sound like. When I heard the version that is currently on the Album I knew that it was a keeper. I worked with Musicians, Jamil Ahmed and Dwight Dixon or guitar and Bass for Sweetheart, Mirror and Life. it was great to get a fresh take on the direction and potential in a song!

Any videos? or singles u planning on releasing with the Album?
Videos I have no plans for just yet but hopefully in future there will be something. and The Single off the Album is track 6 Sweetheart (I'll Love You Better)

How did you come up with the name Finding under me?
It's a lyric that was written in the last track of the Album.. I was playing around with Melodies and lyrics and in the last verse of the track "Finding Under Me" I say "Everyday a new me on this ground, finding under me became my sound" it wasn't till I sang those lyrics into the Mic that I knew that is what the title of the song was going to be and as a result in that exact moment there was no doubt in my mind that is what the Album was going to be named!

What genre would you classify your music
My music is a fusion of Pop, Soul, Jazz and Blues

So when is the Album dropping and where can we get it?
The Album is dropping digitally April 5, 2011 so Next Tuesday and my Cd release will be April 23 at Local 522 here in Calgary

How can fans people connect with you, any website or facebook/ Twitter
Yeah you can follow me on twitter @MsMeeghan my website which will be live in upcoming weeks and Youtube - Zimbabe220

Release Party?
Yes I am having a release Party. It will be here in Calgary on April 23, 2011! Tickets are $20 in advance and at the door and you will receive a Cd upon arrival!
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