Zimbabwe's Meta Physics Graces Hype, Discusses Survival and Personal Rise in Hip Hop

"Some of Africa's nicest MC's and hip hop movements have their roots in Zimbabwe. Wargames, Zubz, Mizchif and Hipocalypse Sensai Tate." -- Hype Magazine, South Africa.

Hype Magazine paid homage to Zimbabwe in the March issue and featured one of our biggest Hip Hop veteran Meta Physics now based in Germany.

"Networking and just being on top of the game lead to my personal rise in Germany. I used to make it a point to open for US acts and just build my own hype, but thats always been part of the culture - having a keen sense of survival and just manipulating the situation to my benefit." Meta Physics said

Gandanga Music is his label and in explanation Meta said "Gandanga is a freedom fighter and I fought for my independence and my struggle continues. Being a Gandanga keeps me in that mind frame. I must say at the moment I m the only artist signed to the label. I have had to drop a whole bunch - I failed to make it happen for a lot of people I had promised amazing things, and now with instant digital distribution, honestly no-one needs to be on a label - so right now its just me."

According to The Peoples Hub Last year, the former A Peace of Ebony front man (Meta Physics) sparked an online petition called theZimbabwe Diamond Trust, to push for the acceptance of Zimbabwe to trade its diamond minerals on the world market.

“Its very cheeky of the Americans to pull off such a move while they are at the forefront of prohibiting diamonds from Zimbabwe for KP certification and international trade. They’ve had it coming,”  -- Meta Physics said in a statement

Meta also feels justified about his other campaign: the legalisation of marijuana, which has sprung a storm in Zimbabwe. 

On his last visit to Harare, the Germany-based rapper had armed himself with an HD camera and filmed and produced the pro-marijuana documentary Rolling, Smoking. In it, Metaphysics gets to the core of the issue conducting a vox pop on the streets and talking to the people about weed and what they think if it was legalised by the government.

Attention from the media was to follow, when he was interviewed by Harare’s popular and sensational tabloid H-Metro. Then the unexpected happened when one of the country’s legislators from President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF party took the debate into parliament.

Uzumba MP Simbaneuta Mudarikwa reportedly drew prolonged laughter in the House of Assembly after suggesting marijuana should be grown legally in “remote areas” for medicinal purposes or for worldwide export to countries where the drug is legal. In Zimbabwe, the negative publicity about weed has managed to demonise it to such an extent that there is barely anyone who vouches for it in public although many people use it. -- The People's Hub

Check out this Meta Physics Exclusive Interview with Henry Makiwa 
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