Popular American Fox TV produced Television series Inspires local Urban Groover...

The character Jack Bauer in the American, Fox TV produced series, 24, is a key member of the Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) and is often portrayed as their most capable agent. Bauer's job usually involves helping prevent major terrorist attacks, usually doing so at great personal expense, and racing against the clock in his attempts to do so. King Shaddy feels that manyhe has managed to achieve many feats which would in any case be deemed impossible, hence they named him Jack Bauer.

King Shaddy named his new album, “CTU” or Chimbo Teerera Unzwe because as he claims, the popular series, 24, which has the CTU as the Counter Terrorist Unit, inspired his art. Chingo Teerera Unzwe, (CTU) is the latest multi-sectored entertainment outfit set to rock Zimbabwe by storm. The leader of the outfit, King Shaddy, whom fans have named Jack Bauer, (from the series 24) is venturing into various forms of multimedia production, including the set up of a state of the art recording studio -- Kingshaddy's website
Mungwadzi Godwin

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