Zimbabwean Rapper goes from being a boarder jumper to selling out shows all over Europe

Its a rags to riches story, an inspiring blood of a slave, heart of a King story about Liberty, a Zimbabwean born Stellenbosch based Rapper who just came back from touring European countries like Switzerland and Germany. Theo Wormsbacher the Manager and Europe Tour Agent for Liberty Bwanali said in a statement "We are already in talks with Independent A&R Zane Tobin and he thinks he can get Liberty signed to major Labels in USA. The likes of Universal Records, Interscope and many more. Liberty is planning his Africa Tour and will be touring with Miss DJ Diamond the No 1 DJ in Switzerland whom he toured with in Europe this March. He was featured by DJ Miss Diamond to remix her best track Voodoo Girl and out of 56 remixes Liberty came top and that song got him to Europe."

Liberty's 1st Album is scheduled to be released Early March 2011 followed by the Africa Tour Album Launch and June/July he will tour Europe again before going on his USA Tour in November. Liberty Bwanali born 15 September 1986 in a little town Rimuka in the city of Kadoma. Raised by a single mother and life was very hard and struggled for survival. My mother was always finding it difficult to put food on the table for me and my siblings that's when she left for South Africa a few years ago hoping to find better means to provide for us.
Things never changed life got even tougher and that's when my brothers and sisters jumped the border and came to South Africa for hope. I stayed since I was a little boy at that time but I saw that I had to do something for my own since I had no one to fend for me since none of my family could afford. At 15 I worked as a Gardner and housekeeper for an Indian family in Zimbabwe and I thought that was it for me. I then decided I was also going to jump the border and see if I can make it in SA.
I jumped the border and that was the most painful thing I have ever done and very dangerous and I almost didn't make it. I walked for days in the jungle because of difficulties we had with the car that was taking us to a place where we were supposed to cross Limpopo. We had no food and water. I fell on my knees and found it difficult to move but my sister told me there’s a light at the end of all this struggle never give up, so we started walking again till we reach Limpopo river. It was full of water and we had no choice but to cross, I couldn't go back to Zimbabwe; life for me was just done there. We had an escort who helped us and put us into a line and we crossed the river and the water was so heavy that it was almost an impossible thing to do and for a second I thought I was not going to make it. I had a silent prayer and I asked God to forgive me and forgive and make it easy on my Mother. We managed at last and rested on the South African side but soldiers heard that people were crossing, so we had to lie still on the ground till they left. http://www.reverbnation.com/libertymusic follow to go to libertymusic's page
http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_6172499 follow to listen to the track Liberty remixed
Mungwadzi Godwin

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