BKay & Kazz all set for the Sean Kingston gig, recruits A Zim Street team

Zim archivers Awards nominees BKay and Kazz graced the Miss Zim
Diamond gig held at the La Dolce Vita Hotel in Birmingham, UK a few days ago and performed their hits from Amina Kadeya to the latest hit 7 Wonders.

The Miss Zim Diamond gig is one of the duo's very last minute performance before catching a flight to Zimbabwe where they are also scheduled to perform at the high profiled Sean Kingston gig on the 22 and 23 of April 2011. In preparation for the Sean Kingston gig, BKay and Kazz are planning to set up a Zimbabwe street team that will help run a few errands and transactions on the ground before and after they touch down Zimbabwe. "Looking for a Street Team in Zimbabwe, Anyone interested should holla direct to our FACEBOOK mail" -- They said in a statement. BKay and Kazz have perfomed alongside Sean Kingston a couple times overseas and now will get a chance to do it again at their home ground.

Mungwadzi Godwin

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