Greedysouth Interview with Buffalo Soulja

A couple of weeks ago, Buffalo Soulja and Queen Vee dropped the most anticipated high budget music video to come out of Zimbabwe in a while. Greedysouth caught up with Buffalo Soulja to talk about his role in the video, April 16th Zim All Stars gig in Jo'burg and more so relax and take notes

The internet is still buzzing about Queen Vee's "Hey lover" music video which you directed. Tell us about the whole experience, how you linked up with her, from the studio, to the video set?

I have known Queen Vee for a very longtime not as a musician but as a model. One day she was like; "Buff you know I'm a musician right? Matter of fact, I want come and meet you so you listen to my what I'm working on." I said it was okay but to be honest I kept on postponing and cancelling meetings. I was really shocked when I finally agreed to meet up and listen to her stuff. I flew to Zimbabwe, recorded my verse then gave the song to my team, who in the past also worked on Nigerian videos from artists like P Square, D'banji and etc, to work on the video so, we basically did it like we have done on all my video in the past.

A lot of Zimbabweans feel that they are not really getting much representation musically on a regional/ continental scale. Zimbabwean music is not really getting much airplay on huge networks such as MTV Base, what do you think is the problem, what are Zimbabwean artists really missing? 

The reason why Zimbabwean videos aren't on rotation is an obvious answer. The production side of the music is all good but the video quality is cheap, it does not match MTV Networks' standards. We need sponsors. Nigerian artists and most African artist who are shooting on ZAR 50 000 to 100 000 budget get sponsorship.  The Nigerian government is behind the youth's success and also in general, Nigerians support their peers proudly green and white were ever they are in the world.

What advice would you give to upcoming Zimbabwean artists that want to follow your foot steps?

Yo my advice is, first make sure you are really talented before you waste your life in the music industry. To those with the talent keep on doing you.

What is U.N.A? (Meaning, artists on there, projects UNA is working on)

U.N.A stands for United Nations of Africa, I formed the label after me and Waxxy split U.N.A future plans are international I also launched an African hip hop crew Sleek Note which I'm nolonger with.

You always throwing big gigs on Zimbabwe's Independance day (April 18th), what can fans expect from you on this year's independance day?

Saturday the 16th of April at Icon (old Zouk) in Sandton , its going down at the Zim all star independance bash featuring Zimbabwe's ambassadors Leroy Gopal, Munya from Big Brother, Jah Seed from Bongo Muffin and many others

Is the Diamond boy Munya really droping a new Song at the independence bash?

Yes we have done a collabo with Munya called Chibhoyi lookout for the video aswell we gonna peform the track on the independence bash

Why 16th of April and not the 18th?

Yeah man reason for the 16th is simply coz 18th is a Monday so we don't wanna take chances. Its more like a pre party.

What can fans expect from you this year, any album in the works?

Yeah I'm dropping a mixtape which I'm calling MiXCaSSette a term I created from hiphop. The new Mixtape will be called Force it pon dem meaning "Foseredza" its an idea to trick South Africans and people who don like dancehall.

Besides collaborating with Queen Vee, what other features you worked or working on with Zim/ African artists?

Collaborations to lookout for will be Prokid , Dales,  Jozi of which we did something b4. Also be on the lookout for my collaborations with 2face and M.I.

Mungwadzi Godwin

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