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Greedysouth linked up with Smooth Spinner a DJ/VJ based in the United States and has been DJing 12 years deep! Smooth Spinner has rocked Clubs in several cities in England, Scotland, Wales, and the United States. He is widely recognized as the No 1 Zim DJ in New England and has regular bookings in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio & other states . He has has weekly show video mix show on Smoothspinner TV called the Friday Nite Fix and he uploads a new episode every friday, you can catch it on .

Tell us a bit about your upbringing:
I was born 1981 in Harare and grew up in the Avenues area of the City. I went to David Livingstone Primary and Churchill Boys for High School. I have a 2 younger siblings sister and brother. I was a very naughty child who was always on the wrong side of the law. Luckily I exhausted that attribute earlier in life.

How did you become a DJ was it the fame, money or girls perhaps
None of the above. I vividly remember the day I decided I wanted to be a DJ. I was at a reception after party for my cousins wedding and I was 15. Watching the DJ working those turntables mixing, scratching and juggling beats effortlessly was a surreal experience. I stood right next to the booth all night amazed, watching and absorbing everything while spinning on my coke (at least that's what my parents thought). I found out later that the DJ was the Legendary Kimble "Double K" Rogers who widely is considered the best to ever do it in Zimbabwe.

How did you put your plan to become a DJ in motion?
I started saving up money and bought some 7" singles from a record bar. I think one of them was Murder She wrote by Chaka Demus and Pliers. I got the rest of my music by recording from Radio and editing out the voice overs from the DJs just like everyone else. I started with small neighborhood parties and I would "borrow" my parents sound system which led to several beatings especially when I'd break the stylus needle trying to scratch (SMH). It was in Dec 2000 that I got my big break as a warm up DJ for Gary the Glitter at Tony's Nite Spot along Samora Machel rd.

So where else did you play in Zim?
I had guest appearances at Oblivion , Synergy, Archipelago Harpers and Stars in (2005)

So how did you come up with the name Smooth Spinner?
Well at some point during High School I earned the nickname Smooth. I can't remember how I got the name but it had something to do with a trip to an all girls boarding school in Mutare, I think it was St Davids (Bonda). All I remember is me an my good friend Itai running after the school bus because we were almost left behind since we busy entertaining the girls. All of a sudden people starts calling me Smooth so I embraced the name and incorporated it into a DJ name.

So when did you move abroad?
I moved to the UK in 2001 and stayed in England for 4yrs before moving to Scotland in 2005 and I stayed there until 2009. When I completed my Degree in Psychology I moved to the US where I married my University sweetheart and we now have a lil girl called Sanaa. Fairytale Story ain't it?

What has been the Highlight of your DJ Career?
I am yet to reach what I'd call the highlight because after that its downhill so I know that there are greater things to come. However If I have to pick a memorable moment it would have to be the Rock Laser Show that I played at in Edinburgh. I was the 6th DJ to come on stage and the only black guy, I could tell people judged my Rock music knowledge and probably stereotyped me because I had dread locks at the time. By the time my set ended the crowd was in a frenzy women threw underwear at me, these white people are crazy I tell you.

Tell us about an embracing moment in your DJ'n career?
Oh I have several of them but I can share one for now lol. I was in the Gents at Establishment Night Club taking leak and right next to me was this very familiar looking dude. It was bothering me that could not remember where I knew this fella so I asked him where i knew him from in my native language Shona thinking that he was my kinfolk. Upon realizing that he was not shona I reverted to english so he replied "you definitely" know who I am. After a few moments of racking through my brain this massive guy wearing all black and dark shades say "yo that's Mario Winans and I'm his bodyguard". When we left the boys room he introduced me to his whole crew as 'African Boy'.

So you have met many celebrities in your Career.
I have a had the privilege of sharing the stage with the likes of Tim Westwood, Trevor Nelson, DJ Kofi, Chris Goldfinger, Matt White, DJ A-Trak (Kanye West DJ), Craig G, Ryan leslie, Montel Jordan and many others.

Who Influences you?
I get inspired by every DJ or Artist I work with because I learn something new every time whether they're good or bad but my all time favorites are Jazzy Jeff, DJ Kofi, DJ Billy Bush (Hot 93.7), Otis The Flow, DJ Fabuloz and Kimble Rogers

What differentiates you from other DJs
My selling point is the ability to mix and blend across any genre. I don't put myself in any category and that places no limits to what I can do. I can be playing at a Hip Hop Club one night and spinning at Church fundraiser the next day, that's how versatile I am. This year I made the transition to video mixing becoming one the 1st Zim DJs to achieve that.

What advise can you give anyone that wants to make it as a DJ?
Never let anyone tell you cannot do something. Impossible is nothing, if it has been done before then it is possible. All you need to do is practice, practice and more practice.

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