Introducing: Blackarmoor Clothing Brand, How the label started & more!

The MOORS were people from the Motherland who put work in architecture and other great things. Intelligent people whose legacy
got clouded by historical inconsistencies.

So we are saying where ever you come from you are intelligent in your own way, let no one make you believe otherwise because you are a MOOR. Said  Gray "Efrijah" Rwanga, the owner and designer of the new urban street wear label. Rwanga born 31 years ago in Mutare is now living in England where his clothing company is  based.

"Muti Usina Zita" is a tree that used to give our ancestors food and shade from the sun's heat. The tree provided food depending on orders hence could not be named otherwise any name would be disrespectful. Its an African tree though you cant really tell what type it is. A tree that gave food, granted life and intelligence is the same tree on our Blackarmoor clothing brand." he continued

After getting advice from Terrie "Gunz" Mahati, Blackarmoor came into existence late 2008. "I was working one day, drawing SEAN JOHN designs when It came to me like a song I wrote. I got myself a few T shirts printed and the response was phenomenal so the journey began." Said Rwanga

"We have worked with Zim Dancehall artists like Jusa Dementor and will be working with DUBBIE BENZ, KUDZI KU, SNAKA DREAD, SNIPER STORM, WINKY D, SIMPLE DREAD and MACCIX FLO (watch out for his designs),just to mention a few." he continued

When asked about the future of Blackarmoor, Mr Rwangah had this to say, "The LABEL is growing at a tremendous pace because everyone can identfy with it, therefore easy to get behind. We are doing T shirts with a positive message (INTELLIGENCE CONSCIOUSNESS) and we will be doing

Mungwadzi Godwin

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