Nox announces UK tour, Album now in Sony Records' Hands

The Urban groover/ R&B crooner Nox Guni has announced his plans
to tour the United Kingdom starting end of May 2011. 

Venues, Dates and tickets have not yet been announced but the musician will be in the UK by the 30th of May.
30 May UK tour begins. only God made it possible...
The musician said In a Statement

Nox (born Enoch Guni) is also preparing to release his latest effort called 50 Minutes to FAME which will be marketed and distributed by Sony Records Africa. The album features Buffalo Soulja, J Martins, Maskiri, Alexio and more
My new album: 50 Minutes to FAME will be in SONY RECORDS' care from FRIDAY going forth: Watch out for tracks like Fly Away, I'm in Love ft Moochy, Baby Mama, Bounce, Dancehall Queen ft Buffalo Soljier, Anything for you ft J-Martins and others. -- Nox

Nox is also releasing a joint Album with Maskiri on the 30th of April
Following the success of their collabos on Wenera, Handina kwandinoenda and Handichina basa newe, Maskiri and Nox decided to follow foot steps of Jay Z and R.Kelly by releasing a "Best of Both Worlds" joint album. Both camps have announced that they are going to release an album back to back with 10 tracks on the 30th of April 2011. Nox said in a statement Guess yall know now that I have 3 albums ready for release: Classic love songs, 50 minutes to Fame and Pasichigare then my joint album with Maskiri called Best of Both Worlds. This has gotta be the year for greater things!"
Mungwadzi Godwin

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