Sean Kingston excited about the Zimbabwe and Malawi trip

Sean Kingston, a 21 Year old Artistic Work of art will be arriving in Zimbabwe approximately 14
hours from now (its 10.06 pm Central African Time on my watch) for two shows on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd April. Sean Kingston gig will be the country's first high profile gig for 2011 featuring local acts like ill ceey, Tehn Diamond, Bkay & Kazz, Winky D and more!

Sean Kingston took it to a popular social network, twitter to let his more than 1.3 million followers know,
Getting ready to go to the airport and head out to africa!!!!! Zimbabwe and Malawi here we come!!!!!!....long flight ahead :)
Not only his fans and general Zimbabweans are counting down to his arrival but Kingston himself
16 hour flight... #lovemylife Zimbabwe here we come mane... ;) we bout to shut it down #Teamkingston
He continued. Local artists like Ill Ceey and Tehn Diamond have will be opening for an international act for the first time also reacted and in a statement Greedysouth quoted Ill

This Friday at Celebration Center! Catch TehnDiamond, Pee Kay and Me Live! Show up and help us huck the show! Bless

BKay and Kazz also touched down from the UK for the Sean Kingston gig and according to the Rapper Black Bird, Winky D already did his rehersals before catching a flight to Jo'burg. In a statement the Female MC said
Today must be my bump into the celebs day.... cos when I went for a meeting at ZBC, I signed in at the same time as BKay and Cazz and now I've just finished band rehearsal and after that I got to watch a bit of Winky Ds rehearsal... Brotha got skills

Mungwadzi Godwin

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