Getting the local music business right: The Story of Willowmead Productions

There is so much music talent in Zimbabwe but unfortunately, musicians fail to get their music out there because they cannot handle their business transactions right. Matter of fact, there isn't much business going on in the local music industry and by that I mean proper artist management and proper record deals. A few young artists like Winky D has shown the importance and advantages of having a manager handling an artist's business. 

A few musician management and agents of note include Black Lab Records (Winky D), Ndeipi Global PR (Jusa Dementor, Cynthia Mare and Carl Joshua Ncube) and now Willowmead Productions. I found out about Willowmead recently and after looking into the projects and work they have managed to accomplish I m convinced these young Zimbos are moving in the right direction, changing the business side of the local music scene. Wellowmead (WMP) is a;

Digital distributor,
Booking Agent
and an Artist Management Company

based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

WMP was formed to target young independent Zimbabwean artists and labels across all genres of music in Zimbabwe and globally and exposing their boundless talent to the world.

The company aims to constantly use new and creative marketing and promotional methods to push Zimbabwean content around the globe.

Willowmead (WMP) was founded by proud young Zimbabweans who believe in our strong musical talent which with the right support will place Zimbabwean artists at the very top of the music industry internationally.

WMP also aims to demonstrate that Zimbabwe is far greater than the politics that preoccupies the mind of many people. Our aim is to challenge the view that Zimbabwe is just about politics and demonstrate Zimbabwean young people have the aspirations and the drive to showcase their culture and talent at the highest level.

WMP has a view to help bridge the Digital Divide for the vast number of independent Zimbabwean artists and labels throughout Africa and throughout the world. The company offers its artists, sub labels and partners numerous new and exciting distribution and marketing channels for their content.
WMP is currently managing the careers of 4 Zimbabwean artists based in SA.
Nadia “Miss Nakai” Kandava
Mandi “Juan Take” Mukaro
Ezra “Mr. Brandnew / Gobbla” Murembeni

WMP has worked on projects with;

Melvin “Anonymous” Biza

Tapiwa “ANDRE” Chinyanda

Keith “Kapital K” Guza Jr

Tawanda “Protunez / The One” Mujaji
Get Paper Boys (G.P.B)
Mungwadzi Godwin

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