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Willowmead's first project was to form Zimbabwe’s first Super Group. This Super Group was hand selected by Munya and Lantei after some intense A & R and listening sessions. Only selecting the cream of the crop Munya and Lantei selected

9 (nine) artists and brought them together to create two undoubtedly hot tracks  “Fire” and “Show Me What You’re Workin’ With”. Just as the name suggests “Fire” is about reigniting the flame that music used to stir inside the spirit of listener. It is about going hard and giving your all in any situation. With a hard hitting beat “Fire” has a fusion of different genres such as RnB, dancehall, rap, hip-hop to give it a unique sound and appeal to the masses. “Show Me What You’re Working With” is the second track created by the Super Group. It is a slower, more relaxed RnB track. With its chilled tempo and catchy chorus this track is sure to be a hit with the ladies. It creatively tells the story of a young, beautiful woman being pursued by a gentleman.

Mandi “Juan Take” Mukaro 
Mandi Francis Mukaro was born in Zimbabwe, Harare. Mandi started rapping in 2006 free styling on instrumentals and in ciphers as a pass time with friends and other rappers. His love for music is inspired by a host of artists as well as music he would listen to as a child which his father would play from classical RnB music, to jazz to rumba. More modern influences include artists such as, Juelz Santana & The Diplomats, Drake, Lil Wayne, Kanye, Fat Joe and Jay-Z which lead to his style of rap containing a similarity with the mogul's flows and techniques.

In his earliest appearances, Juan's style was less polished; he had a propensity for rhyming without changing his flow, which gradually lessened over time. Having moved from Zimbabwe to Australia and now in South Africa, Juan Take is currently living in South Africa and has become more known for his use of flow, creativity, metaphors and similes, as well as being a rapper to stress the ordeals of the everyday urban life.

Juan Take, who's name is a generic version of an earlier nickname One Take, taken from his ability to consistently freestyle verses in one take reciting them in his head a style pioneered by Jay-Z and the Notorious B.I.G. Juan is also a song writer and works with artists as well as produces some of his own music.

Mandi also has an independent record label called Gwop Boys Entertainment. and refers to the collective of friends he works with as the Gwop Boys. The Gwop Boys consists of Ezra - The Gobbla, Blaze Money, Keezy - Capital K, Letha, and many more. The whole crew stems from Harare and many of them have ventured off into their own realm of music but still have that affiliation.
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Nadia “Miss Nakai” Kandava 
The first completely commercial female rapper to hit the scene, with her playful self seen in her lyrics you can’t help but love her Glam Swag. Her love for hip-hop started when she was 16 where she started recording in her garage without a mic and even then people could notice her talent, even on really bad quality recordings. She then joined forces with her childhood friend Lalla a songstress and formed the duo group called KaiRayne which was a mix of RnB and hip-hop. Gwop Boys entertainment heard her music and loved her swag therefore she became the first lady of Gwop Boys.  
Now at 20 she is currently working on her mixtape that already is getting hype before it’s even completed. He first single solo is called “Gotta have it” produced by Yungshine where she features Juan take who is one of the founders of Gwop Boys Entertainment and the person that discovered her. Here she linked up with established producers such as the Gobbla and Blazemoney. With her Zimbabwean origins from Chinhoyi, her sound is already on an international level and when she soon becomes well known in the African market it only a matter of time till she breaks through internationally. She’s not only a cute face but a driven hard worker and will not settle for anything less than the best! Watch out for Miss Nakai! And her rise to fame! 
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Melvin “Anonymous” Biza  
This multi talented young man emerges from the soils of Zimbabwe. “A move to SA at the age of eleven made it difficult for him to claim any kind of identity,” he says. “I struggled because I moved from Zim too early to completely grasp my own culture and arrived in SA too late to entirely learn the cultures here from the ground up”; hence “Anonymous”… 
Born into a house full of vinyls & cassettes, music has always been an integral part of his life. Having a father who was a club Dj & radio personality also laid a firm foundation for his understanding & appreciation of music on a whole scale. 
Anonymous has since channeled this understanding of what has become his passion, and decoded it in the form of lyrics. With influences from every genre of music imaginable; his sound was bound to be an eclectic and immediately captivating one… 
With this sound he’s rocked stages @ Woodstock 9, Oppikoppi ‘08, Lucky Fish festival ‘08, the Blues Room, Fashion TV, Mega Music Warehouse (before it was Bassline), Tempos, Back2Basix, Tanz Café, Tanza nights, Tings & Times, Cats Pyjamas, Wits University, Cantina Tequila, Cool Runnings, Trancesky, Rascasse, Shoosh, Olive Lounge, and House of Nsako & more… 
On his upcoming debut album, Welcome to Anonymoucity, he has collaborated with the likes of Hip Hop crew, Skool of Hip Hop (of which he’s a member), renowned Hip Hop producer Nyambz, Faceless & hot production duo All Spark. This ideal combination of collaborators and his unwavering determination has strengthened his sound; making him one of the most competitive Mc’s on the continent. 
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Tapiwa “ANDRE” Chinyanda 
Andre is a Zimbabwean RnB artist known for his unique vocal tone, sometimes identified as sounding like international singer Lloyd for the range he likes to sing in. He began singing in primary school and after winning a school singing competition he won free vocal training lessons. He continued to attend even up until he was 16 years old, but had made no real career moves, though he did still sing at recitals and as a soloist in the choir.

Early years (Two way)
The first career move he made was after meeting his producer and friend Tags after high school, the two knew each other from before, but Tags only began producing at 17 years old but only felt his skills were polished enough two years later in 2004 at 19 years, Andre was 20 years old at that point. They got together and formed a group, Two way, under this name they released 1 gospel album, titled "Volume Two" this album was not released for commercial sale but gained them some acclaim and recognition in their hometown Harare,

2006 to present
Andre went on to work on his first solo album titled "Unbelievable" under the artist name Tapi (from his first name). Although this album was meant for commercial release it was released as a mixtape album. At the same time he and producer Tags went on to start Showtime Records. In 2007 he went on to work on his third studio titled, "Because i can", meant for commercial release in South Africa on the 14th of February. The album has been pushed forward till Later on 2008, possibly because of name changes and admistrative issues in Andre's label, Showtime records.
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Get Paper Boys (G.P.B)
Tyrone “Rude Boi T” Soutter & Sean “Yung Don” Makomichie 
Young Don and Rudeboi-T make up an electric and vibrant Duo under their self initiated movement called G.P.B (Get Paper Boyz) from Zimbabwe. With their ability to draw inspiration from different aspects of their environment, they create music that is diverse and different. Never being limited this duo can be found on a number of genres with a distinct aspect of dancehall & hip hop. They are not bound nor limited to a specific type of music; hence they merge different musical interests to come up with beautiful music. Both artists started in 2002 and have already been labeled as a threat to Jozi ( ).  
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Keith “Kapital K” Guza Jr 
Born in Zimbabwe, Keith started rapping at the tender age of nine after being inspired by international rap artists Bow Wow. In 2002 he released his debut album titled “Let’s Party”. He has worked with artists from all over the continent. His latest mixtape “Fresh Out The Oven” has been released and is currently available online. 

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