King Shaddy: Tribute To Chibadura

Very little is being done to celebrate musicians of yesteryear who played a part in making Zimbabwean music what it is today and for the upkeep of their families after they pass on. Masterminded by US based Abra Simmz and produced by Jusa Dementor, The track celebrates Chibadura’s flair for reggae music as King Shaddy displays his versatility and abilty to appeal to varying audiences. 

King Shaddy - Tribute To Chibadura

Abra Simmz informed that the track will have an accompanying video that will be shot in Zimbabwe and the UK. King Shaddy, who is set to tour the UK later this year, expressed excitement at the release of the track.

King Shaddy, a strong John Chibadura fan said little is being done to acknowledge pioneers of Zimbabwean music, describing the late Chibadura as, ‘a talented firebrand who produced soothing rhythm and conscious lyrics.’

King Shaddy encouraged other prominent musicians to celebrate artists of yesteryear to let the youth know about them and for their music to live on for generations to come.

“If possible, musicians of today should unite to do works that benefit the families of late musicians and make the youth conscious of music by artists who played a major role in developing Zimbabwean music,” he said.

King Shaddy informed that he intends to hold a show in Chitungwiza in memory of the late Chibadura, in conjunction with other local musicians at a venue to be advised. He noted that royalties from the track and proceeds from the show will benefit Chibadura’s family.

Born in 1957, Chibadura or “Mr. Chitungwiza” as he was affectionately known, started his musical career in the late seventies with two groups, the Holy Brothers and the Mother Band. In 1982 he joined the Sungura Boys before forming his own outfit, John Chibadura and the Tembo Brothers in 1985. The group became an instant success with hit songs that include “$5000” and his first reggae song, “Zuva Rekufa Kwangu” rocking the airwaves in the late 1980s.

During his career, Chibadura successfully toured the UK three times and was invited as a guest by the then BBC Radio 1 presenter, Andrew Shaw. He breathed his last on the 4th of August in 1999 and will be remembered as “Mr. Chitungwiza, the musician who truly cared for the welfare of his band members, whose music inspired and uplifted the hearts of many.

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