Tanto Wavie new album Sungura Museve II: features, tracklist & more

Creativity begins to take shape the moment an artist discovers their ultimate true self. Tanto Wavie’s growth exemplifies what it takes for artists who have this determination to differentiate their final product – to stand out. These realizations are an apparent reality if one is to trace where the roots of this phenomenal talent who continues to excite. It has taken Dancehall, Hip-hop, Amapiano, and Sungura to birth this genius. Tanto Wavie’s new song Mbiradzakondo is the latest track before the launch of the Sungura Museve 2 album this Friday. 

Tanto Wavie Sungura Museve II download zip mp3

Mbiradzakondo opens with a brief mbira sound and breathtakingly gets devoured by guitars which have watermarked this brilliant composition now referred TrapSu. ‘The founder’ as he likes to call himself asserts that TrapSu has taken over and those who still find themselves doubting his prospects are unfortunately locked out ‘Mbiradzakondo’. His message has consistently declared that this wave is unstoppable. This is purely a Zimbabwean sound that has outgrown the boundaries of creative fatigue as a result of recycling the same sonic. 

The upcoming album is landing in his hometown of Chitungwiza where his inspiration Alick Macheso resides. This territory has always been a fortress for many artists in Zimbabwe because of its large population. Hence we have no option but to support such exploits grounded in promoting originality even in contemporary arts.

Here is the official tracklist for Sungura Museve II

  1. Mbiradzakondo
  2. Dhikondo
  3. MuGhetto
  4. Na Mwari
  5. Muchinjikwa
  6. Ziva
  7. Ndichadzima
  8. Vakawanda
  9. Ndasvika (Featuring Bryan K)
  10. No Cap
  11. Mdiwa
  12. Nhai Baba
  13. Xavi Netsa
Listen to Mbiradzakondo and the entire Sungura Museve II album by Tanto Wavie via the link below and leave your comment in the dialogue box below!

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