A Rwanda based Promoter Blasts Clint Robinson of C&A Entertainment Over Sean Kingston

Joseph Mushyoma, the CEO of East African Promoters (EAP)has criticized a Zimbabwean Promoter Clint Robinson of C&A Entertainment, for his
false claims that Sean Kingston had cancelled his Rwandan show after the Jet Ski accident last month in Miami Beach. The EAP boss told The New Times that he was shocked after reading Clint's allegations in an article published in The Herald, a Zimbabwean newspaper, on 8 June 2011. The EAP boss told Greedysouth that he was shocked after reading Clint's allegations in an article published in The Herald on 8 June 2011.

"We have never partnered with C&A Entertainment to bring Sean in Rwanda. In fact, we even never knew Clint until I went to Zimbabwe to discuss with the singer about the offer," the infuriated Mushyoma said. He noted: "We had already talked with the singer and I was supposed to travel to the U.S for further negotiations about the concert in Rwanda. But, his management advised me to meet them in Zimbabwe where he [Sean] performed."

According to C&A Entertainment, a Zimbabwean company that brought Kingston to Harare, they had planned to host the singer in Rwanda in partnership with Rwandese promoters. "We have decided to cancel the show in Rwanda after what happened to Sean Kingston. We had wanted to take him to Rwanda in partnership with our friends there but that is no longer possible since the accident occurred last month.

"The guys from Rwanda were here in Zimbabwe when Kingston performed two concerts and they liked what they saw and for now, we can only wish Kingston a speedy recovery," Clint of C&A Entertainment said. Mushyoma, however, insisted that: "We didn't partner with C&A Entertainment whatsoever. Clint only helped me to get a visa and other logistics to the show in Zimbabwe."

"We have since talked with Sean's management, who confirmed to us that the program hasn't changed," he added. The Pop singer Sean Kingston is believed to have been discharged from the hospital last Friday.
Mungwadzi Godwin

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