Winky D to return to USA in the near Future

Messi We Reggae Winky D or Bigiman as he is affectionately known to his
fans was received well by audiences in the USA and Canada. The tour began soon after landing in Dallas TX on May 20 at 2 Kats Live a venue that accomodates up to 400 people was packed to capacity. Then without skipping a beat, together with Cee Jay Besa US based musician and promoter, flew into Edmonton Canada where an expectant crowd at Duggan Community hall was hyper when the star entered the venue just after midnite and sang along to all the songs in jubilation to finally witnessing the artist on stage. Toronto was next on the 22nd May Sunday as the Victoria Day holiday celebrations continued in Canada, the venue which accomodates at least 1000 people was packed in both rooms the VIP and the showroom. Again fans from all across the divide sang along to songs from Bigiman word for word. Although there was a strong Zimbabwean presence Winky D certainly gained new fans of both black and white descents as the audiences appeared to be mixed races. The final showdown was in Cincinnati Ohio where Winky D was the highlight of the Zim Expo Business Exportium which is held annually in USA, Canada and UK. Although the show began late due to sound and technical issues, the star was unfazed and went on to deliver a spectacular set on stage to a very appreciative and responsive audience. Kuda Mhembe a fan in Toronto said " we are the fans that you saw in the front of the stage singing to all Winky D songs, we had a great time guys, keep it up. A Canadian sound engineer called Chris from On The Rox Concert Hall stated, "I have done sound for Beenie Man, Tony Matterhorn, Mary J Blige and Lil Wayne , Even though i dont understand some of the words, i can tell you that Winky D rates highly as an international artist of the highest calibre and standards to match or better most the artists ive worked with". Winky D arrived home in Zimbabwe safely on June 1st after the tour and stated emphatically through his facebook page "di tour was ninjaful,yard mi deh finally.WAGWAN MANINJA". U.Z.O United for Zimbabwean Orphans and Besa Music the promoters of Winky D North America tour said" Winky D and his team are a very professional crew and great team players , we enjoyed working with them on such a succesful tour. We look forward to doing bigger things with Winky D in the near future as well.

Mungwadzi Godwin

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