How Karizma's guts gave him glory at Zimfest '11

Rapper Tinashe "Karizma" Sanhanga
Zimfest came and went but will stay in the hearts and minds of fans and Hip Hop headline perfomers
like Karizma. "Aight so the game is over and i think ive kinda recovered from yesterdays Shenanigans... can we talk about #Zimfest for a second. That was the ILLLLLLEEEEESSSSTTTTTTT performance of the Entire Summer. I mean i expected it to be cos its Zimfest but yo it was HAMMMMM !!!! Can i just thank BKay and Kazz again for letting me support them thru their whole promo tour this summer.All the shows have been dope but yo...Performing to so many young old white black asian male female Zimbos was a buzz fam.The illest ever ever ever ever buzz u could imagine !! Ive seen Bkay, Kazz, Jusa and Cynthia Mare tear up shows before so that is nothing new but this time i got to be a part of it !! Jusa is Epic Cynthia is Epic and Bkay and Kazz defo got the epic on smash so for me to be mixed into that u gotta know i was on cloud 9 fam. As usual Zimfest was very well Organised and there was nothing i can personally fault in the entire place nothing at all yo. Well other than there being no Chibuku lol adawyze 10/10. Every1 came out and had a good time.Was hanging in the buisness tent and it was cool to see so many young Zim Entrepreneurs getin out there. -- Karizma's Twitter.
Mungwadzi Godwin

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