Tehn Diamond up for a NAMA Award, announces #SOTG3 tracklist and release dates

The "Student of the Game" rapper, Tehn Diamond has realesed an official statement announcing the release dates and tracklist of the last "Student of the Game" series mixtape. Tehn has
been on the grind for a while now and his hardwork is finally paying off. He has been nomited for a NAMA Award this year, for the video "Grown up kid" and in his own words, Tehn said "Massive thanks and shout-out to the "Friends Of Joshua Trust" who shot the video . . . and to the beautiful city of Bulawayo for providing the back-drop." Make sure u vote for Tehn, Hip Hop needs that Award!

Today, I'd like to share with you the tracklist for the third and final offering in the #SOTG series, titled "The Student Of The Game 3 - The Pursuit of Amazing" or in short #SOTG3. This project is one I'm extremely proud of, I've been listening to it for the past week and I'm happy with the growth it reflects. I got to work with a host of amazing producers and artists on this one, the bulk of which are Zimbabwean born and raised. The likes of Take-Fizzo from Chamhembe Ent. who produced the smash that is "Happy" . . . which will unfortunately not be on this mixtape but in fact featured on my debut album later this year, in fact look for a video to come from that track very shortly. The likes of Miyagi Dojo from HWMiT Ent. whom you probably have not even heard of, but is a truly talented producer and artist in his own right . . . with a host of hit credential from Australia under his belt and best known for his work with Zimbawe's own Audius. The likes of Simba Tagz from Showtime Records Zimbabwe, a man I've been collaborating with for some time now and you'll recognise him from #SOTG2. And last but not least, introducing the yound talent and Showtime producer Tha Flying Dutchman . . . he's the man behind the sound of "H-Town Boy". And without any further ado . . . the tracklist for #SOTG3.
1. Forever Here (Intro) - (produced by Simba Tagz) 2. Angels Say ft. MC Chita - (produced by Take-Fizzo) 3. Be. Amazing. ft. S-Preme & Davina Green - (produced by Tha Flying Dutchman) 4. Hanzi (Where U At?) ft. Juan Take & LOCHnation - (produced by Miyagi Dojo) 5. H-Town Boy - (produced by Tha Flying Dutchman) 6. Hard Times ft. Ill-Ceey - (produced by Reverb7) 7. Life Goes On ft. Davina Green - (produced by Tha Flying Dutchman) 8. I Still Dream - (produced by Simba Tagz) 9. Lost Sons - (produced by Miyagi Dojo) 10. The Sign ft. Karizma & Tek-neek - (produced by Simba Tags & Take-Fizzo) 11. From The Horse's Mouth - (produced by Miyagi Dojo) 12. Lord Knows, I'm Penless - (Freestyle) 13. Distracted ft. Herby Dangerous - (produced by Miyagi Dojo) 14. U R Di Hottest ft. Stunner &; Alkanemo - (produced by Take-Fizzo & Simba Tags) 15. Fall Back ft. Juniro Brown - (produced by Take-Fizzo) 16. The Sweetest Life ft. Simba Tags - (produced by Simba Tags) 17. Oleku (Freestyle) 18. Telescope - (prodcued by D'Main Event)
The mixtape will be released in four parts, from March to June, with the first act dropping on Tuesday 6th March aka #TehnsTuesday. So this'll be a huge chance for #teamSOTG to rally up the troops and help me get a great buzz going, as an advanced thank you I will be sending out a link to the entire tape on 1st March exclusively to this mailing list. I hope you're ready, for this year, should be massive. Thank you for all your support and encouragement to date, its been AMAZING.
Mungwadzi Godwin

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