RECAP: Tagz gets "stronger" on TV

Video After the Jump

I know I m not always there, I dont keep it 100 anymore on these mean internet streets but yo! A nigga gotta eat. Im not promising you that I wont leave you guys on a dry spell again soon but all I m saying is, "I just needed time to do what I had to do, caught in the life.." **Drake Voice** Anyways, My main man Simba Tagz debuted this spanking hot video a couple months ago in my absence only to see it on TV. The video is crazy and I hope a lot of local artists are considering following his foot steps, its the road to success y'all! Please request this song as much as you can on ChannelO and MTV Base! We need this to be on the biggest tracks right now and that other playlist or something. Will try and ask Sizwe lol for the name. Anyways enjoy!!!

Mungwadzi Godwin

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