Head Honcho Winter Collection 2013 Lookbook: The morning after the night before

South African fashion mainstay Head Honcho delivers its 2013 winter/fall collection with unfaltering ease. Using humble but nonetheless eye-fetching hues and prints — plaid, stripes, paisley — the collection shows Honcho’s streetwear cut and sew tailoring in contemporary light. Without shying away from layering options given the warmer solstice, the lookbook shows a myriad of influences from skate culture styles to street designs, aptly catering for personalities from across the spectrum. Finding a balance between dapper and laid back, holiday sensibility, this latest range is another hallmark from these Capetown natives. The Spring/Summer 2013 range is now available via their online store.

Themed the morning after the night before,  It was a crazy night out at the club; corks flew, people danced and the DJ dropped all the latest bangers. After crazy hours at the hottest nightspot in town, the trio decided to make their way back to hotel suite where they’d continue their festivities. Swizzy, had of course, momentarily forgotten that he had left his lady friend Angie at the hotel and that bringing home two other females could cause a catfight.

“Fuck it”, the Honcho said, “I’ll make it work”.

The trio dragged themselves through the hotel lobby and all the way to the penthouse suite on the 5th Floor. The party went straight upstairs where a bit of fooling around ensued. The night soon gave way to a crisp winter morning. Hung over, the 4 rose, freshened up and put on their freshest Head Honcho attire. After a power breakfast they decided to pop open a bottle of champers which got them nice and ready for another action-packed day.

The Honcho way of life has never been sweeter

Mungwadzi Godwin

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