Anashe Media Group Officially Launched at a Red Carpet Event

From left, Brian Soko and Arnold Soko
On Saturday April 19th, Anashe Media Group a Management, Marketing and Production firm based in New York City founded by a team of Zimbabweans and Nigerians including Brian Soko (Producer of Beyonce Drunk In Love) officially launched at a Red Carpet Extravaganza at the Boston Winery.

Brian Soko was in South Africa and flew in as he was the guest speaker at the launch which was sold out. The main event was a video premiere for Nigerian Artist Sukiyaki directed by Zimbabwean Arnold Soko which premiered on the Nigerian Blog . Anashe which is shona for “with God” aims to be a top player in the African creative industries and creating opportunities for African creative professionals. They currently have production work in South Africa, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Angola.

Check out the red carpet pics of the launch here
Twitter: anashemg

Godwin Mungwadzi

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