Captain Kuda - RIDZA EP [Download]

Australian based singer-songwriter and Captain Kuda has released a free to download EP, called RIDZA. The title translated to English means to ‘play’ [an instrument]. Work on the EP which has influences of Afro pop fused with Hip Hop began in December 2013 after he had released a few singles and wanted to do a bigger project for people to hear his full work and so he could show off his capabilities.

‘My intentions were to make songs that catered to different Zimbabwean audiences so I worked on
making different sounds and melodies and lyrically tried to keep it easy for the hears as well,’ he says.

Family and friends were definitely involved in the writing and editing process of the EP. He tells of how when he was working on the Thomas Mapfumo remix and his mum and sister walked into the room as they could hear the loud music in the house. They started dancing and singing along and that was one key moment that he knew this was a good track we had in the making.

The biggest inspiration on the record was his cousin, Emmanuel Magandi who not only motivated him with his skills but also brought new ideas and angles of working on the EP as whole.

‘He managed to add his flavor in production and wordplay on most of the album and I'm glad we worked together and will continue working on more projects together.’

Legendary producer and sound engineer Tamie Bimha, did the mixing and mastering on the record and one can tell from the quality of the songs on the record.

Featuring artists on the EP include Varaidzo on the track Ndide which is co-written by the legendary Brian Rusike.

Captain Kuda says of Brian: ‘He has been my mentor for a long time and taught me a lot about songwriting and production whilst I was in Zimbabwe.’ The bonus track ‘Kanguva’ which had a god run on urban radio features Imakando Musho. The song was pre-written with Imakando adding additional lyrics and melodies. It was recorded, mixed and mastered at

Block 101 Studios by TG (Evans Dube) who is undoubtedly making waves on the Zimbabwean market with his stable.

What was the inspiration behind Kanguva? A girl perhaps? He laughs, ‘Of course I had a girl on my mind when I wrote it and she still is yet to give me her time.’ The fact that he was unemployed at the time, money to record the tracks was a hustle but he kept the faith and hustle until it was done.

This record is an embodiment of great song writing, vocals and production. The mostly upbeat tempo on the songs will keep you on your feet while singing some of the addictive lyrics

The EP is free to download and listen here:

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