Zimbabwean Entrepreneur and Sir Richard Branson's protégé Keith Bete shares tips on how to create a meaningful brand

From left Richard Branson and Keith Bete
Keith Bete is a student of the Virgin Unite initiative Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship and also founded Ubuntuism Clothing, an African-focused active wear brand, with his business partner, Simbarashe Simbarashe, in 2009.
“My business partner, Simbarashe Simbarashe, and I chose to start a clothing brand called Ubuntuism based on the African philosophy of Ubuntu – meaning oneness, positiveness, love truth, peace and happiness. It’s a brand that people can naturally relate and live up to because of its uplifting message of optimism.
“Keep crafting your brand until you have a crystal clear message that is seamless from product to packaging to PR. Make the brand meaningful. There is so much competition in the business world, that what makes you unique is what you stand for as a brand. Companies simply speak to our minds but brands steal our hearts. That’s why we love them.”

Keith’s tips to create a brand:
  •  Be sure to formally register your intellectual property or IP (trademark, patent, domain name, etc) so that you have ownership of the IP, your most valuable asset.
  • Work hard to keep crafting your brand. A brand is not static, it requires constant reinvention and as you grow your offering becomes more focused and succinct. The Holy Grail is to have a pure brand message communicated through all your products and the only way to get there is to constantly craft your product offering.
  • Create brand assets, elements within your brand that create the full brand experience. A brand is multi-layered and every touch point with customers is another facet of the brand. All the layers combined create the ultimate brand experience and the golden thread that connects everything is the pure brand message

Head over to Virgin website to check out the full article and read more about Keith Bete here

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