So this is where Africa's multimillionaires live according to @CNN

According to CNN, a global research and analysis organization called WealthInsight compiled 10 cities where African millionaires (with $30 million net worth assets excluding primary dwelling) reside. These centers of affluence are spread from Johannesburg in the south, through Lagos in the west and Nairobi in the east, to Cairo in the north. Check them out below

10. Kano, Nigeria with 10 residents worth $30 million

9. Marrakesh, Morocco 15 Residents worth over $30 Million

8. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia hosts 21 individuals worth over $30 Million

The 7th City is Abuja, Nigeria with 23 people worth over 30 Million

6. Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania hosts 36 stinky rich individuals

5. Nairobi, Kenya has 69 multi millionaires worth over $30 Mill each

4. Cape Town, South Africa has a staggering 115 individuals worth $30 Million plus

3. Lagos, Nigeria has 131 residents with a net-worth over $30 Million

2. Cairo, Egypt with 150 of its residents worth $30 Million

1. Johannesburg, South Africa claims the top spot with 298 people worth over $30 Million

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Source: CNN

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