Harare is the best-most improved "Liveable" City in the World, According To The Economist

Although it's usually the top cities that warrant the most attention, the latest findings of The Economist Intelligence Unit's Global Liveability Ranking reflect a marked increase in global instability over the last 12 months. Economist Intelligence Unit considers 30 factors related to things like safety, healthcare, educational resources, infrastructure and environment.
The ranking, which provides scores for lifestyle challenges in 140 cities worldwide, shows that since 2010 average liveability across the world has fallen by 1%, led by a 2.2% fall in the score for stability and safety. Whist Harare has been ranked as the most improved liveable city, it still comes in at 133 out of 140 cities with an overal rating of 42.6 out of 100 and a five year score movement of 5.1. Check out the graphics below and head over to The Economist for more info.

Mungwadzi Godwin

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