Conversation with Alpha Centauri: Centauri season has begun

As an artist, Alpha Centauri is weary of putting himself in a box. He has a diverse collection of music and has dabbled in different genres mainly hip-hop and South African house if we absolutely have to put a label on it.
The Zimbabwean-born rapper started writing poetry and short stories at a young age, moved onto rapping in high school and by university, he was producing his own music. Alpha has different influences that shape who he is today as a musician, but at the top of that list is '90s R & B.  When it comes to rappers, his favourite would have to be Childish Gambino – his album 'Camp' changed the way Alpha approaches music. Whenever he needs a boost or to re-energize that's what he plays. On the local front, Alpha is a fan of the likes of Asaph, TRK and Indigo Saint just to name a few.

I stumbled on Alpha on Soundcloud and the first song I heard is called 'Somewhere in Harare'.
He says when he wrote the track he was inspired by seeing the culture and way people move around after work. To give some context after completing his degree in South Africa he returned home and began to work full-time as a lawyer.  The track is what he calls "an ode to ambition."

 My personal favourite is the track titled "Away" featuring Swisher. Last year Alpha moved to Vancouver Island, Canada to further his studies. The track is about him leaving home and the struggle of having to make a way, which is something folks like me in the diaspora can relate to all too well. He explains the song was also a personal challenge to deliver a full verse in Shona.
Alpha wants to continue to "connect with listeners while showcasing his creativity and rap skills". Expect one more song before an EP later this year called 'I Am Who We Are' which he has been working on a little over a year and a half now.

"I finally got it down to the story I want to tell," Alpha concludes.

You can now stream 'Somewhere in Harare' on Itunes, Spotify and Tidal.

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