Conversation with Charlie Zimbo: Tell your friends hard work pays off

"Every time we realize someone is Zimbabwean it's because they have made it elsewhere," Charlie Zimbo says. "I want to start at home then branch out."
Charlie Zimbo is a producer based in Calgary, Canada. He has worked with the likes of Asaph, Vic Jita, and Yung Tyran.

Inspired by producer 9th Wonder, he started making beats about five years ago.
"9th is my favourite because his beats always have a feeling," he says. "It's soulful and it makes you think about something."

He also draws inspiration from Boi-1da, 40, Wondagurl and Apollo Brown. "All their music makes me want to do better and I aspire to be just as good," Charlie Zimbo says.

As for his own signature sound, he is focussed on capturing a particular vibe on each beat he puts out. Although he left Zimbabwe in 2010 he is motivated to keep collaborating with artists back home. 'Tell Your Friends' is a project he released in December 2016. He wanted to collaborate with talent from his hometown, Bulawayo. He used a recorded conversation with his mom's voice to convey the message that hard work pays off!

This year Charlie Zimbo continues to release music. Look out for another installment of 'Tell Your Friends' including artists from Harare this time around, I'm looking forward to seeing this type of bridge in the industry between the countries biggest cities.

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