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Stream Cleo's single "Handisiye"

Songbird Cleo Arigondia has finally dropped her much anticipated single. The songstress is mainly known for her chemistry with her guitar and impressive covers. Nigerian superstar Yemi Alade even posted Cleo's "Nziyo yerudo" cover on her instagram. She is that good! The independent artist has teamed up with Mac Dee of Eternity Productions for her flawless lastest offering.

"Handisiye" is beautiful motivational song in which Cleo's magical voice nagivates high and low pitches smoothly. A trusted source in her camp says this single is paving way for an upcoming project. With such beautiful vocals we can't wait for her project! You can stream "Handisiye" below: 

Instagram: @Cleo_zw
Soundcloud: Cleo Zw

Stream Cleo's single "Handisiye" Stream Cleo's single "Handisiye" Reviewed by NdiGerald on July 11, 2018 Rating: 5


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