"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." - Helen Keller. 

CHIDO was released on Valentines Day and l decided to take 2 weeks digesting the masterpiece it is! 14 days and 38000 views later it still gives me goosebumps (literally). In my 2 weeks of digesting this masterpiece all l could think of is how much of a collaborative project it was (hence the introductory Helen Keller quote). Hands down this project goes down as one the best storytelling projects in the Zimbabwean Entertainment space. I always believed leap years were special, sooooooo Munashe's debut single CHIDO is a special valentine's present to the local creative industry

Munashe Chirisa mainly known for his comedic work and skits surprised and impressed a lot of his fans with CHIDO. The Tendai Mucheri produced track has a flawless Shona delivery with a catchy hook by John Falsetto. The visuals were shot in two different countries (yeaaaa) under the trusted guidance of  Mudiwa Dzino and Tavonga Gozo.

The visuals feature the NAMA nominated Tinaye Wayne Chiketa as Munashe, College Central actor Melinda Shumba as CHIDO and NAMA winner Tendai Chitima as Netsai. According the Made in ZWE social media platforms CHIDO has been in the making since 2017! The Made in ZWE team brought together a superstar line-up for this project from videographers to actors and CHIDO lives up to expectations. The answer is collaboration Sway.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

PS: Munashe's pen-game ichashayisa vamwe mabasa!

Gerald Muchandiona

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