T. Shoc back with "Baba Don't Dance"

T.ShoC is back with Baba Don't Dance! Does your baba dance? not mine bro. Tek Shawa collaborated with the legendary Take Five on this massive tune (in my humble opinion). T.ShoC  also joined forces with his trusted video director Chris Shoca and brought the vibes of the video to life. Baba Don't Dance is part of Moto Republik Hustle Fund. 

The word play is so intense l had to look up the lyrics, his wordsmith game always flys over my head (MC superpowers). The GuuD Munhu Head Honcho addressed a couple of issues in his latest offering which include not getting airplay from radio stations and under-paying promoters.
Get my account details. Don't pay me in compliments
Dropped a couple of records radio never played me
Those records got me on a plane doing shows in Kenya
Check out the visuals below and let us know what you think.

Gerald Muchandiona

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