After listening to Unity Album we are convinced Buffalo Souljah Is One Of Zimbabwe’s Greatest Music Export; Let me explain

Buffalo Souljah came out swinging on Unity Album, a beast running rampant. Big Buff did not keep any of his eggs in one basket which makes the album so versatile and diversified like Warren Buffet's investment portfolio, or versatile and diversified like a top 20 music chart on an African urban radio station. Song after song, Big Buff delivers his message in polished melodic vocals and catchy hooks juxtaposed with other instruments to blend with the snares, kicks and bass. He is able to sing and chant with Roberto on one song, only to shift gears to compete with an all Jamaican lineup on the Gold Leaf riddim on the next.

"Being too talented is a blessing and curse, someone just said your versatility can be your failure, stick to one style." Big Buffs said in a statement. "My intentions on this Album was to make feel good high IQ music not hits. Something edutaining with melodies but if hits pop out of the Unity Album then it will be something you can vibe to consciously. In short, music with a meaning like Bob Marley's One Love" he continues

Unity Album is Buffalo Souljah’s finest work because it’s confident and consistent, the product of years of exploring different sounds and bouncing verses and ideas off veterans. At 23 tracks spanning over 60 minutes, Unity breaks the rules for long albums in this era, which tend to serve more than a little bit of filler.

Buffalo Souljah invites everyone to the party. The project boasts both A-listers and up-and-coming artists and producers. Youngsta CPT, Zane Challe, Locnville, Roberto, Ice Prince, Mr Kamera, Tocky Vibes, Maggikal, and even Jae Young, Bryn Many, Brandon Splitar all make fantastic contributions. Big Buff also enlists Jamaican legends such as Starface, I-Octane, Beanie Man, Sponge Music and Jerome Elvie who produced three tracks, “No man bigger than God”, “Family” and “Dreamer boy.”  Other producers include Gemini Major on Irie, Mount Zion, Mr. Kamera, Jusa Dementor, Blaqboi, Tery Kush and gTbeats

Unity is a magnificent amalgamation of Buffalo Souljah’s lyrical arsenal. He bequeaths melodic punchlines, a slew of cadences, introspective songwriting, dance-floor jams, and his unapologetic vulnerability, which in turn becomes his superpower throughout the project. The intro “Message by Kwame Nkrumah” sets the tone and theme which is unity and freedom. This also explains his feature choices as artists from Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, South Africa, Nigeria, Jamaica all unite on this project. 

On Toky Vibes assisted "Nobody can stop reggae", Buffalo Souljah sticks to his roots by sampling Marshal Munhumumwe and Four brothers' "Rudo imoto." He also borrows from nostalgic Zimbabwean "Reggae hits" vibes from John Chibadura and Solomon Skuza on "Judgement day." On Ruva he gives justice to a Pied Piper classic "Ruva rangu ndiwe chete"

Through out the album, Buffalo Souljah examines the current state of world, inequality and the importance of unity for prosperity. This is solidified by a skit which samples a speech from Nelson Mandela and a tribute song where he strives to live his own life like Madiba as he continues to evolve as a person and artist.

With this album hopefully, Buffalo Soulja will continue to break the mold and raise the bar for Zimbabwean music on the regional and international scene. The first single off the Unity album titled “No man bigger than God” is also part of “Porus riddim” compilation that features top Jamaican artistes like I Octane, Jahmiel and Beenie Man who was first to bat fresh off his Verzuz battle with Bounty Killa, he had fans asking, “Do You Wanna Be That Guy?”, among others. The song was produced by Jerome Elvie of Natural Bond Entertainment who was so impressed by Buffalo Souljah that they forged a public relations and management deal were Natural Bond Entertainment/ Sponge Music handles the Buffalo Souljah brand in the Caribbean Islands.


Jerome Elvie also features on a skit from the album, basically summarizing the business relationship and his intentions with Big Buff's brand as follows:

"My General, unity is strength, one hand washes the other. If you put in the work, I'm conditioned to encourage that because what you put in is what you get out. You know how this music thing go. It's hard to find people that are genuine in this industry. Any way, its full of fake people so, if you find people that are genuine and people of alike minds that wish you the best and also wish... you know exactly what I'm saying any way, you feel me. Boy, big up yourself man, I'm going to push this thing and you put in the work, that's all you gotta do, Im gona do what i gotta do on my end bro because we are one family, one link.. you nah mean, you benefit, I benefit, the whole thing evolves around each other..."

The skit leads to a song featured on the Gold Leaf rhythm titled Family, which basically cements the "Natural Bond." The track features Starface, a Jamaican artist signed to Natural Bond Entertainment and was produced by Jerome Elvie. I believe this will be the official single in Jamaica and the greater Carribean Islands area.

Pick up a copy of Buffalo Souljah’s Unity Album here

Mungwadzi Godwin

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