Crooger Releases Visuals For Ice Lolo ft R.Peels

The award winning Zim HipHop artist and Ginde hitmaker has put out the video for Ice Lolo ft R.Peels. The track initially released about 8 months ago was produced by Rayo Beats. It features smooth melodies and a melow tempo that Crooger and R.Peels match in the delivery of their lyrics. The video directed by Simdoc continues to match the high standard Crooger has set with visuals from previous works like Muteuro, Ginde and Munhu Wenyama among others. 

The video features Crooger and R.Peels pushing mobile icecream selling carts before a young lady approaches them to buy something. It is light hearted and entertaining, definitely a recommended watch. It also features two beautiful models Jamie Alice and Kimberley who are the interests of the rappers in the short story being told on screen. There's the potential of a hit record with the catchy chorus and slow delivered yet impactful lyrics.

Let us know what you think of it in the comments and if you haven't watched it do check it out. 

The song is available on YouTube, Amazon, Apple Music and other streaming platforms.

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