Watch Sanii Makhalima - Hazvichaiti (Official Video)

Legendary artist Sani Makhalima has released Hazvichaiti a single off his upcoming album B-rokenhearted. Sani says that the main theme explored on the upcoming album is the essence of “loneliness”. The song and the visuals of the song “portray a message where you morn the death of the love you once shared”. 
Hazvichaiti is a beautiful mid tempo song that speaks of how you may still be in love with your person, however, at the time you expected them to stand with you and need you too, they walked out on you. This action of them choosing to walk scars you for life as you feel unworthy, inadequate and these thoughts haunt you forever. The words "I love you, but i can no longer be with you" are not new to the ears of many.


Gerald Muchandiona

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