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Most of our family members in the diaspora kept asking for top Zimbabwe podcast recommendations. We thought, why not just do a whole article and help our fellow country men with a few Zimbabwean podcast examples. 

We also tune into podcasts anyway, to stay informed on the various facets such as entertainment, politics and societal issues. It doesn’t help that most mainstream media channels in Zimbabwe are heavily biased and politically correct. Hence the emergence of podcasts increased the amount of independent and youthful voices which are dominantly reflective of the sentiments within the country since it is a fairly youthful nation.

We thoroughly understand the feeling of missing home and the need to keep up with current affairs from home. We compiled a list of 12 podcasts in no particular order than you can listen and keep up to speed with all Zimbabwean affairs.

Radio Kunakirwa 

Radio Kunakirwa is a podcast all about Zimbabwean music. Operating since 2007, the podcast gave Zimbabweans all over the world exclusive access to a different dimension of Zimbabwean music. They always believed in the uniqueness of the Zimbabwean sound. When they started, their aim was to create a platform for artists to market themselves beyond Zimbabwe's borders. They built a bridge between diaspora and home in that way. Even though institutions have evolved over the years the podcast still serves the Zimbabwean music industry and the wider market. The podcast appreciates youthful Zimbabwean sounds that define the voice of the current generation. This is undoubtedly the Grand Dad of music podcasts in Zimbabwe with over a decade’s worth of art.


Sadza In the Morning Podcast 

An Award winning podcast hosted by King Kandoro and Nick Titan. A combination of two guys who mirror different walks from society, with the recent upgrade they now even mirror local and diaspora point of views. This elements is why most people gravitate towards this duo in search of that relatability. “The Beyoncé of podcasts” as it is affectionately known gives a unique take on the social, political and contemporary landscape  in Zimbabwe at that time. The pod has segments such as Society and Nhubu, Kwaziso, Uncle Kandizzle and the music segment. With over 100 episodes strong and not stopping. 

Girl in Skies 

A podcast hosted by Nat and Xolie discussing life, hot topics being Africans away from home and more. Boasting of more than 50 episodes. Check the Girls in Skies podcast. 

Keep It Real Fridays 

Keep it real Fridays is a Capital26free weekly Hip hop Podcast hosted by Seletine and Brian Willis. With interviews ranging from international superstars such as Sha Sha and media personalities such as SoProfound. 


Award winning 2broketwimbos is a podcast launched in March 2014. The podcast is hosted by Phil Chard and Danny That Guy. They document African music, pop culture and events. The format of the podcast is to interview notable individuals across Africa in long form, entertaining interviews. The podcast also features the two hosts engaging in conversations that cover pop culture, politics and social issues. Each episode features a spotlight on a random African across the world excelling in their various fields, with a goal of exposing them to the podcast subscribers. 

Undomesticated Podcast

This podcast gives us the opportunity to understand how fellow Zimbabwean sisters think. A podcast about lifestyle, tips and discussions about the modern Zimbabwean women. It covers topics from culture, social norms, sex, careers. There is a lot to learn from this podcast especially from the perspective of young ladies. The podcast is available on YouTube. 

The Millennial Mind

This podcast is hosted by Simon Mukwere. It is a space whereby host Simon takes listeners on a journey of learning about the various aspects of life that contribute to the betterment of any Millennial; through thought provoking conversations, real vivid stories and insightful lessons from people who are on the same journey.

The Voiceknot Podcast

The Voiceknot is an African pop culture podcast based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and a platform for African podcasts and podcasters. They have been exceptionally well with nominations for Outstanding Online Media at the Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards and by the Zimbabwe Blog Awards. Hosted by Nigel Ndlovu, the podcasts has over 100 episodes. As the name suggests the podcast has brief engagements mostly under an hour. With various interviews including most sought after South African videographer and filmmaker Ofentse Mwase, John Cole, Bad Gyal (Mandie Mae), Adrian Beefy Harrison, Joe Njangu, Vuyo Brown and many more. They also provides news and important information to vulnerable groups.

#BSR: The Podcast

A critical analysis podcast of law, politics and the economy in Zimbabwe hosted lawyer Alex Magaisa. This podcast is for those mainly interested in the socio-political analysis of Zimbabwe. This podcast is available on YouTube.


KwiriCast is a weekly podcast by Zimbabwean writer and blogger Larry Kwirirayi, talking current affairs, news and opinion. He is also currently working on an audio drama titled Ribro Banda Lebo Shanda, check it out season One here ; https://iono.fm/c/5720



Tenda Talks was birthed in 2020 with the mantra “leading conversations that matter”. The podcast is a platform for youth to express themselves without filters and fear but freedom. The podcast aims to empower African creatives, brands, products and services.

Mari Podcast

This podcast is about money which is hosted by entrepreneur and consultant Kudzai Mubaiwa. 

We intend to walk that path with you and help you make sound financial decisions. We believe we can help each other go through these  times and have tips and hacks on how to survive and possibly thrive in this dynamic environment. Topical concerns; bank accounts, digital currency, funeral cover, insurance, investments, medial aid, microfinance, mobile money, money markets, real estate, retirement and stocks. 

Says Mubaiwa

Special mention;

The following may not traditionally fall under podcasts but is an exceptional show that is covering Zimbabwean issues exceptionally well. We chose Kutsime talk show which is available on YouTube.

Kutsime Talk Show

Launched in 2020, Kutsime Talk Show is a Zimbabwean talk show that broadcast on YouTube weekly. The show's objective is “creating a platform that can ignite meaningful conversations around various social issues that affect us on a daily.”

In case we missed any interesting podcasts from Zimbabwe which cover some of the areas which we mentioned prior please do email us on; info@greedysouth.co.zw
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