Listen to "Fear Before the Crown" EP by EYEAMi a Zimbabwean artist based in Canada

EYEAMi a Zimbabwean artist based in Toronto, Canada born Lewis Manyeya just released Fear Before the Crown, a four-song EP written in isolation, produced by Tanzanian producer Kyenx and MuzikBlend from South Africa.

EYEAMi shared statement below about the project;

After the positive reception of Changu Chabata, we were inspired to zone in on the Afro-house sound and create an EP that introduces EYEAMi’s vibe to Toronto and beyond. I felt I needed to separate myself from the noise to really express myself. The title was inspired by an overwhelming feeling of inadequacy I had been harboring for the last couple of years. The fear of not doing enough, the fear of doing enough and still not being recognized for all my efforts, plus the fear of failure and letting the ones I love down. The crown in this title represents the responsibilities that come with the choices we make in life, our career choices, the people we choose to be with, our sense of duty towards our family and fellow human beings and the things we indulge in to satisfy us while we are here. It felt necessary to deal with these emotions as I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had no control over any of these things and it really brought a cloud of doubt and depression over even the smallest decisions I needed to make. It halted my creativity, affected my relationships and I really couldn’t carry on with this weighing over me. Thankfully during all of these trials, the city of Durban birthed Amapiano and inspired Ini Ndoda the first Amapiano track I had ever recorded. I’m so proud of this project and I honestly can’t wait for you to hear it. I hope it gives you peace of mind and inspires you to chase what’s yours without fear crippling you. My therapist said something like fear should always be the fuel to your drive and not the obstacle. Paraphrasing here but you get the point, and if not I hope the music gets you there.
Mungwadzi Godwin

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