2020 has undeniably been the most challenging year of the decade as the Covid-19 pandemic spread far and wide. The national lockdown rules and travel restrictions affected most industries including the Arts. This dried up the traditional revenue steams as everyone was forced into social distancing at home.
However, regardless of the challenges, music-wise, Zimbabwe actually had an amazing year. So much beautiful music released through out the year took us through the hard times of 2020, a wide range of music representing different kinds of emotion; joy, sorrow and celebration. To sum it up, a crop of new artists emerged and all genres flourished. 

Thanks to the pandemic, prominent figures such as Tinashe Mutarisi of Nash Paints, the very decorated Prophet Passion Java and an anonymous music promoter only identified as Boss D put all hands on deck to assist the Arts in Zimbabwe, specifically the music industry. Their contributions ranged from providing music showcase platforms to bankrolling musical productions and talent shows and entertainment via online social media channels like YouTube and Facebook. Most hit songs of 2020 were linked to either of them in some way. It was what they started that eventually led to corporate Zimbabwe investing in online shows and putting food in artists homes.


This piece will mainly shine a light on some of the notable Zimbabwe musical releases in 2020 with a bias towards RnB, Pop, Zim-dancehall and Hip Hop. The selections highlighted in this publishing do not necessarily represent songs which enjoyed high airplay or dominated radio charts in Zimbabwe. The GreedySouth team has highlighted 58 notable musical releases in Zimbabwe in 2020. We hope by going scrolling through some of the releases below, you get to appreciate the past year. It has been a long 366 days.

Please note that these musical releases have been arranged in Alphabetical order.

Anita Jaxson ft Jah Master - Unonzani (Official Music Video) 

This song became Anita Jaxson's first number 1 song in Zimbabwe. The master track that grew legs off the reign Jah Master gained from arguably the biggest song of 2020 'Hello Mwari.' 

Asaph ft  Msiz'kay- Asipheli Moya (Official Music Video)

Asaph remained consistent regardless of the limitations of 2020 in the form of the Covid-19 pandemic. “Asipheli Moya” was produced by AyKayKing whilst Marcus Khumalo of Black Ink Creates directed the visuals

Asaph ft Msiz'kay and Mawiza - Back to December (Official Music Video) 

Back to December was produced by Larynx and it definitely carried the vibes, which is one thing you can never doubt on an Asaph track. The song carries the sound of Ndebele Pop which fills us with nostalgia and its trip back in time but the present is there in Asaph's rap style. Msiz'kay and Mawiza equally hold their own carrying this track to hit status.

Bazooker - Handikwerete (Official Music Video) 

Bazooker laced his vocals on a kizomba beat produced by Maselo with Director Kmane handling the visuals for this Passion Java Records production. Handikwerete is a love ballad that was initially uploaded on Bazooker's YouTube channel on the 15th of September whilst the video later premiered in October. This track is a such banger, l don't think it received the much-needed recognition it deserved. It will certainly age well.  

Buffalo Souljah - Unity Album 

Buffalo Souljah came out swinging on Unity Album, a beast running rampant. Big Buff did not keep any of his eggs in one basket which makes the album so versatile and diversified like a top 20 music chart on an African urban radio station. Song after song, Big Buff delivers his message in polished melodic vocals and catchy hooks juxtaposed with other instruments to blend with the snares, kicks and bass. He can sing and chant with Roberto on one song, only to shift gears to compete with an all-Jamaican lineup on the Gold Leaf riddim on the next. Unity Album is Buffalo Souljah’s finest work because it’s confident and consistent, the product of years of exploring different sounds and bouncing verses and ideas off veterans. At 23 tracks spanning over 60 minutes, Unity breaks the rules for long albums in this era, which tend to serve more than a little bit of filler.

Bryan K - Bibo Worldwide (Side A) (Album)

Bibo Worldwide Side A is the first half of the Heavy Machine hitmaker's 3rd album. Bryan K himself says this is his greatest piece of work since his rise in 2012. In recent interviews, the singer has said the album is a sound ready for international markets.

The album title seems to originate from an old nickname of his that was given to him because he used to play basketball a lot. From basketball came bball which then became Bibo due to its pronunciation. Therefore the album title is a proclamation that he's bringing himself to the world. It is a beautiful blend of sounds that carries with it a strong message about hope, perseverance and the feeling of home.

It opens up with a vibrant sound that is somewhat contained in its tempo. It goes on to maintain this same momentum throughout the album. Bibo Worldwide is a blend of many sounds but it remains distinct in its own nature. Bryan K's sound is identifiable throughout. Side A has features from Jnr Brown, Nutty O and Crooger.

Bryan K - Bibo Worldwide (Side B) (Album)

Dropped after releasing Bibo Worldwide Side A, Side B holds onto the same uniformity of sound as Side A and it's consistent in quality. It boasts of features from Anita Jaxson (she had a good run in 2020), Zim-hip-hop royalty in the form of Simba Tagz, the reigning female artist of the year Tamy Moyo, Nutty-O who featured again on Side A and Mo-T. There's so much to explore and digest on this album. The production was done well and it's well written. It's a body of sound with a long journey ahead of it and I believe it'll age well.

Charlie Kay - Kumusha (Official Studio Visuals) 

Charlie Kay! The track Kumusha pays tribute to motherhood. This song mirrors the life experiences of many Zimbabweans in the diaspora. This jam enjoyed high radio play in Zimbabwe which remains exceptional for an artist based in the United Kingdom. Charlie has always found a unique angle to use music to tell the Zimbabwean story. Ever since he dropped Vimbai he has not backed down. 

Crooger ft Asaph & Ti Gonzi - Ginde (official video) 

Crooger has a way of making sure his name is never forgotten when it comes to important conversations. Quite unique if you ask me. With that said Ginde is one of those, produced and shot at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. Inter-city travel was banned. But Crooger did it either way. For that reason, Ginde won the best collaboration at the 10th edition of the Zimbabwe Hip Hop awards. Crooger, Ti Gonzi and Asaph. Who can beat that? The same song also won Asaph the Sweet 16 Best verse at Zim Hip Hop Awards. 

Darrel - Purple Chapter 2 (A Mended Heart) 

Purple Chapter 2 - A Mended Heart EP is a follow-up project to Purple EP which was released a few years back by Darrel popularly known as Darrelworld. Darrelworld is a singer and a songwriter whose music contains distinctly East-African flavours. It's RnB meets Afrofusion with Darrel's own twist to the genres. It's not the sort of sound widely played on Zimbabwean airwaves but it's only a matter of time before Darrel invades every household in Zimbabwe. A lot of people got introduced to Darrel through his single Reva (Samantha). Purple Chapter is a well-mixed bag which gives nods to older works by sampling Urban Groove legends, Roy and Royce on Easy. Purple Chapter 2 is a 7-track project which is kind of short but it has always been a substance that has mattered over length.

Enzo Ishall - Uri Kutsvireiko (Single)

An anthem of 2020. Enzo has the formula to make anthems. Uri Kutsvireiko gained more momentum after his alleged squabbles with the Passion Java Records camp. The song became such a master hit; it could be translated to any situation even relationships even empowering sisters to leave toxic relationships/ marriages. Interesting times. 

Enzo Ishall - Vakamhanya Makarimwa (Official Music Video) 

In this track, we got to witness the softer version of Enzo. Quite a sober track. Vakamhanya makarimwa delivers a message of humility and respect. A very reflective track. Produced by Cymplex Music. 

Pakati pemazino hapasi pekutambira, unotongozorumwa

Enzi Ishall - Gara Une Mwenje (Official  Music Video) 

Another sober offering from Enzo. A track off the Rematare riddim. Gara une mwenje which can be loosely translated to staying vigilant. This track was released at a very vulnerable moment in the artist's career after switching teams to Teemak promotions. By the end of the year somehow the song had some "prophetic" value of some sort after a vixen who appeared in the video died in a horrific accident. 

ExQ - Riva (Official Music Video) 

Superstar musician  ExQ with the assistance of Nash tv dropped visuals which are heavily layered with unpacking social issues. The storyline by Moses Matanda is vividly presented through visual work by award-winning videographer Blaqs. The visuals exposed the atrocities the girl child faces on the household level and how initial child protectors are actually the perpetrators. Mr. Putiti exposed child abuse and social decadence through the Riva visuals. The Rodney Beatz and Dj Tamuka produced track gives hope to the sidelined and overlooked communities in a very vulnerable 2020 across the world. We salute ExQ for taking such a stance and communicating the societal position through his art. 

ExQ Featuring Tocky Vibes - Wakatemba (Official Music Video) 

One of the biggest collaborations of 2020. Dancehall meets Afro-Pop type of situation. A mushroom production. I would be lying to you if I could narrow down what made this track a master hit. The ExQ factor l guess. Yes, the ExQ factor. 

Fidel - Tangai Bhawa (Official Music Video) 

Tangai Bhawa! This song was released when the lockdown regulations were being relaxed and institutions were starting to open up as per government directives. The song came about when there was no mention of plans to reopen of beerhalls and clubs in the first batch of institutions that were allowed to operate amid the Covid-19 pandemic. A hit by circumstance you can say. Whenever it plays it will remind you of 2020. 

Freeman - Freeman and Friends (EP) 

Freeman roped in friends for this Extended play. Some of the releases appeared on other artists projects. Released late 2020 but it already claimed its space as project to note for 2020. Freeman is a beast when it comes to choruses. With features from Mai Titi, Mambo Dhuterere, Sandra Ndebele, Baba harare, Tamy Moyo, Ti Gonzi, Daruler, Shinsoman, Gemma Griffiths, Mbeu and Takura. Tracks with Mai titi and Mambo Dhuterere have enjoyed massive radio play on various radio stations in Zimbabwe. This compilation just goes on to expose the versatility exhibited by Freeman. 

Garry Mapanzure - Sushi Season (The First) (EP) 

An R&B/Soul offering from Garry Mapanzure. A very intimate project dropped during the valentine season in 2020. Garry had an amazing run in 2019 winning Best Artist, Duo or Group in African R&B & Soul at the All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) with Hillzy for "TV Room". The duo had a successful university tour in 2019 which cemented their musical stances in Zimbabwe. The Sushi Season EP has no features, all Garry vibes. This project will definitely carry over into 2021. 

Gemma Griffiths - Titungamirirei (Official Music Video)

This song is inspired by Pslams 71:14. Definitely a prayer in song format. This song gave Gemma some traction on the Rematare riddim. 

Gemma Griffiths Featuring Linex and Barakah the Prince - Ndinewe (Tanzanian Remix) 

Gemma gave the track Ndinewe a new life after releasing a Tanzanian remix of the song. She features Tanzanian musicians Barakah the Prince and Linex. The production of the track was in the trusted hands of UK based musician and producer Charlie Kay. The end product is phenomenal. Definitely amongst some of the best pan-African musical products of 2020. I couldn’t help but sync to the infectious melody birthed by the marriage of Shona and Swahili lyrics. Something about Tanzania and Zimbabwean collaborations. Something. Guess there is hidden formula somewhere in there. 

Gemma Griffiths - Pamwe (EP)
Gemma has been working constantly in 2020. She released a brief extended play with 5 tracks at the end of 2020. The EP has only 2 features, Nutty O and Asaph on the 263 track. A very vibey offering with only 18 minutes of play. Easy to digest. Some of the production credits go to Charlie Kay and Simba Tagz.

Herman - Zvandinofarira (Official Music Video) 

Zvandinofarira was Herman's debut single. The single was trending in Zimbabwe, reaching more than 1.4 million views and spent 11 weeks on the charts. This song gives off East African vibes which might be because of Herman's Congolese roots. Being the youngest artist at Chillspot Records, Herman is doing quite very well and we can't wait for what he has to offer for 2021. 


Hillzy - Chisikana (EP) 

Answering some fan questions on Instagram, Hillzy said that Chisikana EP was his biggest achievement of 2020. From T.U.T.O.R (The University Take Over Reloaded) to Overdue (The Love Mixtape) and now Chisikana EP, Hillzy has been taking us on a journey through his music. Hillzy had good run in 2019 and this project was much awaited. This project came after signing with superstar producer Dakari. Chsikana EP is a mixture of exploration and growth and from the looks of things he keeps getting better and better. The EP features 8 tracks and receives guest vocals from Ycee, Shasha, Garry Mapanzure and Gemma Griffiths. This is a beautiful body of work

Holy Ten - Kumba kune Vanhu (Official Music Video) 

In Kumba kune vanhu Holy Ten exposes the social decadence in the city of many well-off gentlemen taking advantage of young ladies because of their circumstances. The same track speaks to the girl child giving advice to refrain from a lifestyle of being objectified. The visuals say it all. 

Holy Ten - Ndaremerwa (Official Music Video)

This track was the song of the year at the 10th edition of Zimbabwe Hip Hop Awards. That says it all. Holy's work has resonated to a lot of Zimbabweans because his lyrics are heavily charged with socio-political undertones. Ndaremerwa is the track that put Holy Ten on the radar with a lot of youth resonating the story depicted in his 16s. A story of almost youth in Zimbabwe. A voice of the youth. 

Indigo Saint - Portland 51 (Album) 

A second album from Indigo Saint. Most say the follow up from the debut is usually the most difficult but Indigo held his own down. Check it out.

Ishan - Bhundu Pop Sounds From The Jungle (EP) 

On December 4th 2020 Ishan's highly anticipated project Bhundu Pop was released and without a doubt the sounds of the Zimbabwean jungle are in safe hands with him. It is a body of work that firmly establishes the 22 year old in the Zimbabwean music industry. It carries features from the likes of Gemma Griffiths, GZE, Tamy Moyo and the currently on fire Nutty O. Speaking on the project Ishan said;

The goal is to create good and enjoyable music that the people can relate to. It’s no longer about having a nice beat to cover everything but lately people are listening to how well a song is arranged, are the lyrics well thought out and what story is being told and that is what I’ve aimed for with this project. I have included the traditional African drum patterns and melodies and fused them with a bit of electronic sounds hence terming the project Bhundu Pop.

Ishan - Maidei (Peanut Butter) (Official Music Video)

Award winning singer/songwriter Ishan releases titled Maidei (Peanut Butter) ahead of the Bhundu Pop project. The soulful track is produced by Rodney Beatz. The song is complemented by crisp visuals directed by Lytee ZW featuring a cameo by rising singer Faa. It charted on radio stations.

Every relationship goes through its own moments where lovers seems distant and the only thing that we can do is reminisce over the past.

Jah Master - Hello Mwari 

Fast rising Dancehall artist Jah Master who became a household name after winning the NashNation Riddim with his hit song ‘Hello Mwari’. The song became a big hit with over 2 million views whilst simulteniously becoming the sound track to various viral   social media challenges. This lead Jah Master to win a competition by Nash TV. The artist later decided to reignite the fire to monster track by collaborating with Tanzanian Star Haitham Kim for a remix.  

Jah Prazyah - Mukwasha (Official Music Video) 

Mukwasha a single off the Hokoyo Album depicts the relationship between father-in-laws and son-in-laws in an African setting, packaged a humorous manner. The track was produced by Dj Tamuka whilst Vusa Blaqs shot the visuals. 

Jah Prayzah - Hokoyo (Album) 

This is Jah Prayzah's 10th Album! The compilation has 15 tracks which kept us entertained during the lockdown period. JP has become a master at the art of compositions. Attacking all subjects in his songs from love, tragedy to even religion. A genius. He smoothly delivers each track like he is telling his personal story (maybe he is). Without unpacking much on the album its unique how each new Jah Prayzah offering always sits as his best. 

KikkyBadAss - Bloodline (Album) 

Bloodline came as KikkyBadAss second album and third full length project since her career began. It's a 16 track feast of rap music. The progression of her project titles since she began, seems to continuously speak on royalty. Her first album was titled Queen Of The South followed by Mambokadzi (Queen) and now Bloodline. After the first listen of Bloodline, I had to go back in time and listen to Mambokadzi. Nothing tells more of an artist's progression like the comparison of the latest release with previous projects. The growth and style change becomes clearly evident. This project is one of the best Hip Hop releases of the year.

Mambo Dhutere - Zvinodzimba Ngoni (Album)  

Yes. Yes. Yes. I know; Mambo Dhuterere is straight gospel but somehow his offerings have received the attention of an AfroPop release. His music was played everywhere. Musician Mambo Dhuterere aka Darlington Mutseta has proven himself again with a new album as one of the best gospel musicians in Zimbabwe. He is affectionately known for his reflective and deep shona lyrics which resonates with millions of Zimbabweans. The album - Zvino  Dzimba Ngoni - is his fourth album, with his previous offerings which include Dhuterere (2015), Tsamba (2018) and Dare Guru (2019). Dhuterere’s fourth installment is already trending on social media earning him his spot back at the top.

Munashe Feat John Falsetto - Chido (Official Music Video) 

CHIDO was released on Valentines Day 2020. Hands down this project goes down as one the best storytelling projects in the Zimbabwean Entertainment space. I always believed leap years were special, so Munashe's debut single CHIDO was a special valentine's present to the local creative industryMunashe Chirisa mainly known for his comedic work and skits surprised and impressed a lot of his fans with CHIDO

The Tendai Mucheri produced track has a flawless Shona delivery with a catchy hook by John Falsetto. The visuals were shot in two different countries under the trusted guidance of  Mudiwa Dzino and Tavonga Gozo.The visuals feature the NAMA nominated Tinaye Wayne Chiketa as Munashe, College Central actor Melinda Shumba as CHIDO and NAMA winner Tendai Chitima as Netsai. 

According the Made in ZWE social media platforms CHIDO has been in the making since 2017! The Made in ZWE team brought together a superstar line-up for this project from videographers to actors and CHIDO lives up to expectations. The answer is collaboration Sway.

Nash Nation Riddim (Album) 

The Nash Nation Riddim not to be confused with the Nash TV riddim. The Nash Nation Riddim is produced by Cymplex Music. The riddim has figures such as Boss Pumacol, Jah Master, Jah Signal, Poptain. The riddim has pulled master hits like Fadza Mutengi by Poptain. 

Nash Nation Vibes (RnB) (Album) 

Nash TV has been promoting music and the arts industry continuously. They introduced another riddim; the Nash Nation Vibes which is an R&B compilation produced by Rodney Beatz. This project features Tamy, Holy Ten, Maskiri, Andy Muridzo, Herman, Van Choga, Natasha Muz, Poptain and Noble Stlyz. Holy Ten's offering on the riddim titled Mwana Ndakubirai is currenlty number 1 on the Top 100 Zimbabwe Apple Music as l pen this down.  

Nutty O x Poptain - Kokai (Official Music Video) 

Nutty O and Poptain joined forces for a lit collaboration dubbed Kokai. The title “kokai” is a Shona word which translates to “invite”. Kokai which can also mean reload in a case of ammunition. Quite  a unique word play if you ask me. Music is a great way of expression and these two dancehall artistes were celebrating their good progress. All those who did not believe in them as well as their enemies are invited to their success party and if they want to bring 'heat' they are always prepared for. (What?) 

Nutty O - Safe (Official Music Video) 

Something about Safe that hugs your soul and reassures you. The introduction of the SimDoc assisted visuals has endorsements from Icon Records Jamaica, UK and Daddy K. Nutty O’s effortless and flawless blend of English and Shona lyrics prove the genius he is. The vibey hook of the Angeo Pablo produced track has definitely stole the hearts of lovebirds across the country and diaspora who haven’t seen their loved ones during this pandemic. Rain Jasmin bodies her role as Nutty O’s love interest. Nutty O’s career has been nothing short of exciting! 

Nyasha David - Marry Anne/ Mariana (Official Lyric Video) 

The fast-rising Afro-pop singer Nyasha David continues to spread his wings around the globe. My first introduction to his work was from the song Marry Anne. I was surprised to know that his other song Moyo Muti was featured on a BBC documentary recorded in Tanzania. That goes to show the kind of hidden gem he is. Pay attention to him. He is coming for everything, slowly but surely.

Poptain ft Allanah - Fadza Mutengi (Official Music Video) 

A single off the Nash Nation Riddim. A party anthem of 2020. A song that celebrated the promoters in all aspects of the Entertainment space in Zimbabwe. The official 'mbinga' song. 

Poptain - Munhu Wenyama (Official Music Video) 

Munhu wenyama was released after Poptain's performance at the One House battle show. The track was produced by Leekay and is about not judging others. The song has rich reggae flavors delivered with a Zimbabwean twist. An essential for any reggae playlist. 

Probeatz - Ibanga Iroro ft. Mclyne Beatz (Official Video)

A collaborative effort with producer Mclyne Beatz. The anthem celebrates the hustling lifestyle which we have come to assume in Zimbabwe. The video directed by CharlieShortMe of Invision Studios is the single that led into Probeatz’s debut album TwentyFive. Dubbed a hustler's anthem which was only right for Chibuku to jump in and support the visuals. 

ProBeatz - TwentyFive (Album) 

Probeatz rose to stardom as a Beatboxer and Actor. He later brunched into music. His debut TwentyFive solidified him on the music scene, gaining him the much needed respect. The album explores a wide variety of sounds but mainly Afrofusion. Tracks such as Chihwande hwande, Hwai Hwai and Nina stand out on the 7 track project.

Pungwe Sessions Volume II (Album) 

Point Black Africa partnered with Goethe-Zentrum Harare/Zimbabwe German Society on a new collaborative project to promote Zimbabwean artists and change the landscape of Zimbabwean popular music. The project dubbed Pungwe Sessions Vol. 2 features 13 songs from over a dozen Zimbabwean artists such as Nutty O, Simba Tagz, Garry Mapanzure, GZE, Asaph, Boss Pumacol, Chengeto, Soko Matemai, Ammara Brown, King Kandoro, Michael Chiunda, Sylent Nqo, Thaiwanda Thai and Shashl. The project was produced in full by platinum-selling producer Rymez. Pungwe SessionsVol. 2 is a follow up the 2014 offering that Rymez produced in partnership with Point Black's Managing Director, Phil Chard. 

Qounfuzed & Holy Ten - Georgina (Official Visualizer) 

Renowned Dancehall artist Quonfuzed joined forces with Holy Ten, the viral Hip Hop artist for “Georgina”. The track was produced by KSG Di Don and Pablo. A catchy hook by Qounfuzed brought the much needed dancehall vibes. Holy Ten sanitized the track with a laid back lazy Shona flow. Something about his flaw that makes you pay extra attention to what he is saying. He has exceptional word play that you might totally miss his gear shifts from Shona to English. Always good vibes when Dancehall meets Hip Hop.

R. Peels - Muchinjiko (Album) 

The latest body of work is a double sided 18 track album filled with uplifting tempos, tracks of slowed rhythm filled with rich lyrics and stories featuring R Peels subjective perception of life with only a short interruption by Ray Vines on an interlude. R Peels has described his style of music as energetic and catchy which is clearly brought out in the sound of Muchinjiko. This project feels like a debut album although it is his 4th album. Its a body of work that speak on his maturity in music and he is presenting himself to the world anew while also getting the recognition he deserves.

Sanii Makhalima - Dzave Ndangariro (Official Music Video)

Dzave Ndangariro is a song that speaks of holding onto the memories of a past love. It was written on the premise where you call the person you love after you have broken up. You explain to them that you are leaving and relocating and may not EVER see them again. You ask to see them just one more time so as to get a sense of closure regarding your past love. To see their smile, face and to smell their scent. They refuse to meet or see you. This leaves you shattered and broken once again as all you have left now are bitter sweet memories. Nonetheless, you pickup the bits and pieces of whats left of your heart and you eventually leave. The memories linger and now, those sad & happy memories are the last memories you have of that person you so deeply love.


Tamy Moyo & Jah Prayzah - Kuteera (Official Music Video) 

Tamy Moyo in collaboration with Zimbabwean music heavyweight Jah Prayzah released Kuteera accompanied with exquisite visuals shot by Andy Cutta Films. The music video was shot in Victoria Falls, exposing the jewel Zimbabwe is and complemented by BLVK Consultants styles. The Rodney Beatz produced track is definitely an anthem for all lovers out there. Definitely a banger!

Takura - Star Signs (Album) 

After a sabbatical Takura released a 12 track album boasting of various local features and a few international ones. The album was preceded by 3 singles. Star signs is a body of work that draws inspiration from Takura's experiences. He touches on many subject including his depression in "It's okay to not be okay", which addresses why he couldn't release music for a year. In his own words he says, "I know a lot of people aren't comfortable admitting they go through things... At that point in my life I was unsure about life and I didn't know what I wanted for the first time. I had to take time for myself and with time I was blessed enough to get through the dark phase in my life." Takura says it's one that'll grow on you.


Ti Gonzi ft Baba Harare - Mucherechedzo (Official Music Video)

A very irregular collaboration if you ask me but we have come to appreciate the daring Ti Gonzi, a special kind of collaborator who can make his bars work with anyone. The song's production was in the trusted hands of Cymplex music. Baba Harare definitely held down the chorus. The visuals brought the colorful storyline to life literally.  This single appears on Ti Gonzi's 2020 album Best Mero, Volume 2. 

Ti Gonzi - Best Mero, Volue 2 (Album) 

NAMA award winning Hip Hop artist Ti Gonzi  released A follow up project from Best Mero Volume 1 during the 2020 fourth quarter. Hands down, Ti Gonzi has been a persistent individual regardless of facing well documented personal challenges. Best Mero Volume 2 has lived up to its hype. Featuring tracks such as Shelea, Madhunamutuna, Ranhasi Rine Mufaro, Mucherechedzo and Life Yangu. Ti Gonzi touches on various themes such as the Corona virus pandemic, religion, conflict and personal challenges on the 21 track project. 

Trevor Dongo, Feli Nandi - Mufudzi weMombe (Official Music Video) 

Trevor made a surprise release with Feli Nandi on Mufudzi wemombe. The MacDee produced single captures the essence of being kind to one another since we are never certain of what the future holds. This was an overplaying theme of 2020 which made this banger resonate with many. Simba Gee translated the the lyrics into visuals in a rural setting depicting a "rags to riches" story. 

T.ShoC - Baba Don't Dance (Official Music Video) 

T.ShoC  with Baba Don't Dance! Does your baba dance? not mine bro. Tek Shawa collaborated with the legendary Take Fizzo on this massive tune  T.ShoC  also joined forces with his trusted video director Chris Shoca and brought the vibes of the video to life. Baba Don't Dance is part of Moto Republik Hustle Fund. The word play is so intense, I had to look up the lyrics, his wordplay always fly over my head (MC superpowers). The GuuD Munhu head honcho addressed a couple of issues in this offering which include not getting airplay from radio stations and under-paying promoters.
Get my account details. Don't pay me in compliments
Dropped a couple of records radio never played me
Those records got me on a plane doing shows in Kenya

T.ShoC x Ahsayn BeatMaker - Pamwe Hatidzoke (Murenje) (Official Lyric Video) 

The meaning of the title of the song translates directly, from Shona, to ''We Might Not Come Back''. This is a conscious record that reflects on a sad reality that no one is concerned about pushing the African agenda. The people or citizens themselves are so caught up with fighting poverty/ survival. While the leaders are so consumed by greed/corruption that we might not come back to being African.

Van Choga ft. Ay Poyoo - Ghetto Rules (Official Audio)

Van Choga in collaboration with Ghanaian Rapper Ay Poyoo dropped this much anticipated song of 2020. Did it live to the hype? Check it out let us know 😎. 

Winky D - Njema (Album) 

I had a lot to say about this project but as I was scrolling through Instagram, I saw a statement on the Vigilance Family account and I am just going to go ahead and post the quote because it sums up the whole project; 

Njema project was meant to give people hope and courage to free themselves from situations that derail our progress, key among which are socio-cultural activism as shown in songs that cry out to the unabated erosion of Africa traditional values by modernity and the associated vices of things like misogyny, the purity of love, the need to be unfettered by any human efforts when pursing goals, the un-paralled values of virtues in life. 

Winky D - Ragga Msambo 

Winky D has dropped off his holiday gift in the form of a new project titled "Reggae Msambo Trilogy." The project was produced by Jusa Dementor and NickyGenius. "David and Goliath" has that raw Jamaican Dancehall feel whilst Reggae Msambo and Reply are more Zim-dancehall oriented. 

Winky D - Reply (Official Music Video) 

The first video off the Ragga Msambo project. 

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