Asaph Shortlisted To Represent Zimbabwe for MTV Africa Music Awards; Here Is How You Can Vote For Him

Award winning Rapper and Musician, Asaph recently tweeted some great news! He has been shortlisted to represent Zimbabwe for the Listeners Choice Award at the MTV Africa Music Awards. 

This is such a big deal for the Zimbabwean music industry. A much needed win, this nod represents the recognition of Zimbabwean Art on a continental stage.

Asaph stands much deserving to be selected to represent Zimbabwe; a rapper who never shies away from addressing the socio-economic climate of Zimbabwe in his 16s. 

Him being shortlisted means he needs our votes to make it to the final stage. Simply tweet the hashtag #ASAPH4MAMA to get him in the race. 

Check out our tweet below on how you can vote for Asaph on twitter to get into the final stage.  Voting ends on the 9th of January 2021. 

Its never easy to empower the game - Asaph, VIC 


Gerald Muchandiona

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