Album in Focus: Home Boy By Huby Blakes. Afrotrap Making A Name For Itself

Homeboy is the latest body of work from Huby Blakes. He's an artist and a songwriter, who considers his music to be "Afrotrap". From my personal listen to his music, I've realised it combines a lot of distinct Zimbabwean sounds. It's rich in instruments and it even carries Jazz influences which is typical of Afrofusion music from Southern Africa. There hasn't been a lot of hype around the album Homeboy but that's not a reflection on its quality but it's more his luck or lack of it.

My first encounter with Huby Blakes was on the hit Mai VaDhikondo which featured Covo weAfrica. It was an upbeat jam that was filled with lyrics in vernacular and definitely a sound made for the club scene. I haven't dived into a lot of Huby Blakes music but a spark is there. Homeboy comes as Huby Blakes second major project after his EP Afro Beat from 2/3 years ago.

It's said Huby Blakes named the album “Home Boy” because it relates to Zimbabwe and it is a sound inspired by the land and it tells a tell that will relate to everyone there. It is a ten track project thaf carries features from the likes of Terry Afrika, BaShupi and GZE among others.

Speaking on the album Huby Blakes said, “It was fun and amusing how different we create crafts as artists but up coming up with some amazing melodies. The features are not artificial! I have an organic relationship with every artist on this project. I strongly believe we must vibe before we can start making music together.”


  1. Nhodo
  2. Chimhandara ft Terry Afrika
  3. Rure Rure ft BaShupi
  4. Senior Bachelor
  5. Home Boy
  6. Pamusinganzwe
  7. Mudura ft Malax
  8. Wabata Moyo ft Madiz
  9. Pull up ft GZE
  10. Shekeda ft Juntal

Chimhandara ft Terry Afrika was the first track I listened to and it ss a vibrant tune that has an instrumental with a heavy texture and it's also electronic showin the trap influences in Huby Blakes music. It has a get up dance feel to it while also being an extremely catchy song. Terry Afrika and Huby compliment each other greatly on this track and it's a great combination. Huby Blakes is gracing us with vocals but his delivery is more like a rapper. Terry Afrika drops some high notes on the chorus and the song speaks about "his woman". It's not like a typical love song but Huby is showing off to the world about the person he has next to him.

Nhodo is a fast paced song, that's instantly a vibe and Huby greatly overcomes the hurdle of keeping up with such a beat. He speaks on haters or detractors rather and he talks of how there's nothing that going to stop him. It's easy to listen to and it's the kind of track that has you nodding your along and even singing out "Nhodo! Nhoooodo!" 

Senior bachelor is softer sound with a slower tempo but the beat switches up as the song goes. It's the perfect background music for those moments when you're just trying to relax. Huby talks of the bachelor life and all the things he's tired off which are pushing him to marriage. The song has cleverly worded lyrics and a jazz feel to it which just brings everything together. 

The title track Home Boy is a reminiscent track and Huby takes a trip to past experiences but he also speaks on the present. It's a song that speaks on betrayal and it has a rhythm that matches its subject matter. Huby Blakes takes us on a journey with his story telling. On the chorus he goes, "Munhu munhu, asina kubarwa ndiani?" Mudura ft Malax is a track of deep meditation. It has a soulful nature to it and the beat is the sound of soft jazz. Huby touchess on life advice and inheritance. Malax does amazing work on the chorus and unnamed women on the backing vocals bring this tune home.

Shekeda ft Juntal is this awkward marriage of Huby's Afrotrap and Juntal's style of Rhumba. It's a song for the bar and club scene or party atmosphere. It has some bright spots and moments when the sound just isn't right. It's not consistent throughout and they were times when I wanted to like it and others when I couldn't stand the sound.

Pamusinganzwe is such a deep song and although it doesn't mould to the structure of the rest of the album it's by far my favourite song. It raises questions and it's a beautiful journey of storytelling as Huby Blakes explores different experiences. It has a slow tempo and it's the music that'll be the best company when you have a lot on your mind or when depression hits. "Mumbori payiko?Mumbori payiko pamusinganzwe?" That part of the chorus stuck with me and it's a question so many ask.

Rure Rure ft BaShupi is a certified banger. BaShupi outdid himself on this feature and he dominated the song. It's a track that speaks on hustle and the hardships that come with it and it delivers major vibes. Pull up ft GZE is a song of celebration but it doesn't have the full feeling of it. In its essence it is a hiphop track and it doesn't have those Afrofusion flavours typical of the rest of the album. It's still a decent song though but it's just slightly off the mark.

The production credits on the album go to Quazor, Nyasha Timbe, Ishan, Fatso, Ojay & Ko’ Rale from Nigeria. It's a diverse blend of individuals and that is also reflected in the music.

Greedysouth rating: 6.8/10

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