Full list of 2020 Zimbabwe Hip Hop Award Winners

The 10th installment of the Zimbabwe Hip Hop Awards were hosted at the Harare International Conference Center. The awards were supported by Pogues Whisky Brand and other brands. At the awards Asaph held down his own by walking away with 4 awards, 2 of the awards coming from Crooger's Ginde track which scooped best Collaboration and Best Video. Ginde is very deserving of these nods because it represents a collaborative work against all odds because the visuals were filmed during the height of the lockdown due to the covid-19 pandemic. I could go on and on about this track but the fact that it won Asaph the best verse (sweet 16) seals the argument. 

Holy Ten's efforts were also acknowledged at the awards by scooping 3 awards; Best Newcomer, People's Choice and Song Of the Year. R. Peels also walked away with Best Male and Best Hip Hop Hustle Awards. He has had a great run with the drop of the Muchinjiko album. Desmond 'Stunner' Chideme walked away with the honorary Artist of the Decade award. In my opinion it is a deserved award because of his consistency in the musical space. Stunner is one of the few artists who made the Hip Hop and Zimdancedall crossover tracks popular. So much work has been done to be where he is now. Congratulations to all the individuals who walked away with awards at the 10th edition of the Zimbabwe Hip Hop Awards. Find attached below the full list of winners on the night;   

Best Male

  • R Peels (winner) 
  • Asaph
  • Holy Ten
  • Crooger
  • Jungle Loco
  • Ti Gonzi

Best Female

  • Phreshy
  • Kikky Bad Ass (winner)
  • Natasha Muz
  • Sibo
  • Tashamiswa
  • Hanna

Best Collaboration

  • Asaph ft. Msizkay – ‘Asipheli Moya’
  • Crooger ft. Asaph and Ti Gonzi – ‘Ginde’ (winner) 
  • Crisswiss & The Dot – ‘Bad Vibes’
  • Boy Nino ft. Emtee – ‘No Problems’
  • Rockie Doub ft. Vic Jita, Tha Dawg and Asaph – ‘Monate Fela’

Best Hip Hop Group

  • Crisswiss & The Dot (winner)
  • Hitmusic Empire
  • Uchiha Empire Clan
  • Cottage 47
  • Pathum Place

Best Producer

  • Afro Zenda
  • Jamal
  • John The Producer (winner) 
  • Mars on the Beat
  • P2daoh

Best Newcomer

  • Boynino
  • Holy Ten (winner) 
  • Rockie Doub
  • Denim Woods
  • Kae Chaps

Best Local Brand Supporting Local Hip Hop

  • Big Bass
  • Kingsville Clothing (winner) 
  • Team Legacy
  • Hit Music Empire
  • Rednation Live

Best Album

  • Jungle loco – Bata Ma Streets (winner) 
  • R Peels – Muchinjiko
  • Kikky Badass – Bloodline
  • Pro Beats – Twenty Five
  • Crisswiss & The Dot – Room 328 Bridge View

Best Promoter

  • Big Bass
  • Preezo
  • Cottage47 (winner)
  • Chap Moreno
  • Rednation Live

Best Diaspora

  • Reck 442
  • Kap City
  • Dimitri and the Scarecrow
  • Neville Sigauke
  • Mlue Jay (winner)

Best Radio DJ

  • Thorne Laroq – Khulumani FM
  • Lady K and PD The Ghost – ZiFM (winner)
  • Mic Sprinter - Heart and Soul
  • Mox – Star FM
  • Promethious – Power FM

Best Gospel Act

  • Nta
  • Caespedo
  • Courtney Antipas (winner)
  • Drummer Boy Kenny

Best Underground

  • Mitch Uta
  • Majoer Prodi
  • Mob Figgaz
  • Michael Chiunda
  • Prozac (winner)

Best Alternative

  • Hillzy
  • Kae Chaps
  • Hfiles
  • Taylor Sayne
  • Indigo Saint (winner) 

Best Online Media

  • The Juice Magazine
  • Rednation Live
  • Zimsphere (winner)
  • Zimbuzz
  • Keep It Real Fridays

Best Journalist

  • Cto Banks
  • Ano Shumba
  • Takudzwa Kadzura (winner)
  • Bongani Inkunzi Ndlovu
  • Elmond Chibaya

Song of the Year

  • ‘Asipheli Moya’ – Asaph ft. Msiz Kay
  • ‘Ndaremerwa’ – Holy Ten (winner)
  • ‘Eke’ – R Peels
  • ‘Bad Vibes’ – Crisswiss & The Dot
  • ‘Ginde’ – Crooger

Video of the Year and Video director of the year

  • ‘Its Okay Not To Be Ok’ – Takura
  • ‘Asipheli Moya’ – Asaph
  • ‘Ginde’ – Crooger (winner)
  • ‘Andiroya’ – R Peels
  • ‘Hona’ – Tsg

Best Hip Hop Hustle

  • R Peels (winner)
  • Crooger
  • Holy Ten
  • Kingsville Clothing
  • Cottage 47

Best Hip Hop Verse (Sweet 16) 

  • ‘Level Up’ – Soko Matemai
  • ‘Ginde’ – Asaph (winner)
  • ‘Hitlab Cypher’ – Michael Chiunda
  • ‘Ndaremerwa’ – Holy Ten
  • ‘Devils A Liar’ – Ti Gonzi

Hip Hop Personality of the Year (non-submission category)

  • Soko Matemai
  • Holy Ten
  • Pro Beats
  • Asaph (winner)
  • R Peels

People’s Choice

  • Holy Ten (winner)
  • R Peels
  • Ti Gonzi
  • Asaph
  • Probeats
  • Takura

Artists of the Decade

  • Stunner 

Gerald Muchandiona

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