The Phenomenal Tich Mataz: A Journey Through Zimbabwean Media History

Tich Mataz, a legend in his own right, wears many hats—radio personality, MC, songwriter, poet, and content creator. His unparalleled storytelling has left an indelible mark on Zimbabwean entertainment history. In this article, we delve into the extraordinary life and career of Tich Mataz, a man who conquered the media landscape and continues to inspire generations.

The story of Tich Mataz
Tich Mataz

A Brief Encounter with a Living Legend

Arnold Chrimika had the privilege of engaging in a profound three-hour conversation with the living African media legend, Tichaona Matambanadzo, better known as Tich Mataz. This captivating conversation was broken down into five weekly episodes, revealing the highlights of his illustrious career and providing a glimpse into the man behind the legend.

Childhood and Pioneering Achievements

Tich Mataz's journey began at Ruzawi School, where he made history as the first black student. His experiences at Ruzawi shaped his character and work ethic, opening doors to remarkable opportunities. At a tender age, he started working for Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC), a role he likened to working for Google in today's world. His exceptional work caught the attention of Radio BOP in South Africa, and he ventured into new territories.

Conquering South African Airwaves

South Africa became witness to the brilliance of Tich Mataz as he joined Radio BOP and later became the first black person to work for 5FM. His charismatic presence and unmatched talent made him an instant success. His popularity transcended borders, and he soon found himself in the company of global icons, including an unforgettable meeting with the King of Pop, Michael Jackson—twice!

Endorsements and Recognition

Tich Mataz's prowess as a broadcaster and influencer caught the eye of numerous brands. Big names like Reebok and BMW endorsed him, solidifying his status as a media veteran with an ever-growing fanbase. His influence extended beyond radio waves, making him a sought-after personality in the advertising space across Zimbabwe, Botswana, and South Africa.

The Tich Mataz Story: A Must-Watch

In November 2020, the much-anticipated Tich Mataz story finally graced our screens. This in-depth tell-all conversation, hosted by SoProfound, shed light on the most crucial moments of his career and offered an intimate glimpse into his life. The episodes showcased his journey from humble beginnings to becoming an African media icon.

Tich Mataz's impact on Zimbabwean media history cannot be overstated. From his pioneering achievements as the first black student at Ruzawi School to becoming a trailblazer in South African radio, his journey has been nothing short of phenomenal. His charismatic personality, exceptional talent, and insatiable work ethic have earned him a place in the hearts of many.

As we look back on the Tich Mataz story, we are reminded of his enduring legacy—a testament to his brilliance that continues to inspire and entertain. For those who haven't yet experienced the magic of Tich Mataz, it's time to immerse yourself in his story and witness the greatness of this media legend from the '90s.

So, as Jnr Brown aptly puts it in Mariachi's Salisbury banger, "Ndikufeeler kunge Tich Mataz kuma90s." Truly, Tich Mataz is a sensation, much like the '90s!

Episode 1: FIYO (Highfields) 


Episode 2: Radio 3


Episode 3: Radio BOP


Episode 4: Rainbow Nation (South Africa)


Episode 5: Checkmate


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