Culture Fund and EU Zimbabwe Are Calling Again For Proposals From Zimbabwe’s Creatives

Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust’s CreativeACTIONs, supported by the European Union Delegation to Zimbabwe, launched its 2nd Call for Proposals on the 25th January 2021 to strengthen capacities for Zimbabwean artists, cultural practitioners and institutions, creative civil society organizations, private operators involved in creative industries, arts associations and professional networks as well as arts education institutions. 


CreativeACTIONs aims to facilitate and strengthen the growth of Zimbabwe creative sector and their capacities to promote equitable access, inclusive participation and benefitting from artistic and cultural expressions by all citizens. It seeks to help improve social cohesion, gender equality and livelihoods. Projects implemented in the digital environment but impacting a diverse and wide range of publics will receive special consideration.


ONLY project proposals containing activities that fully comply with the COVID-19 guidelines and demonstrate adaptability to different stages of the lockdown measures by the government of Zimbabwe will be considered. 

Project proposals may be submitted along the following guidelines;  


  • LOT 1: Minimum of USD6, 000 and a maximum amount of USD50, 000

         (The indicative allocation for grants under this category is USD100, 000)

  • LOT 2: Minimum of USD500 and a maximum amount of USD5, 000

         (The indicative allocation for grants under this category is USD50, 000)


The deadline for submission of proposals 11 March 2021 at 5pm.


For further information, please contact:   |

+263 242794617 / +263 242794211

Culture Fund Zimbabwe is an organisation that pushes for growth in Zimbabwe's various arts industries and it pushes to create a healthy space for African creatives while giving them a springboard to expose them to the world. Through their various arms they were an instrumental part of the organising of HIFA and on previous occasions they have partnered with UNDP and the government of Zimbabwe on different projects.

This is the 2nd call for proposals as CreativeACTIONs continues to award grants to new and innovative projects from artists, cultural practitioners, institutions and private operators involved in creative industries.

A total of 131 eligible and highly competitive proposals (104 under Lot 1-bigger grants) and (27 under Lot 2-smaller grants) were received. Culture Fund and EU Zimbabwe awarded an initial 9 grants worth a total of USD117, 416 out of an available USD300, 000.

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