Wondering What To Watch During This Lockdown 2.0? If You Enjoyed Wadiwa Wepamoyo You Will Enjoy This New Web Series.

Hey! Happy new year! Quite odd that the United Kingdom and Zimbabwe are back under nationwide lockdowns at almost the same period. In Zimbabwe, the government has given a 30 day lockdown directive effective from 5 January 2021. Pretty tight measures. What a way to start a new year. Aghr. A lockdown after the festive season is nothing less of stinging, but eish it is for our own good and to protect populations. During the 2020 lockdown period College Central kept us entertained with Wadiwa wepamoyo, a hit series which launched on Youtube amassing millions of views. 

College Central production company of Wadiwa Wepamoyo fame partnered with Savanna Trust for a college life influenced series; Blue Roof. This production explores college life in Zimbabwe and brings to light the impact of names in our society. The 10 episode Blue Roof Season 1 was written by Derby Bheta, Ian Msakanda, Kudakwashe Jani, Isheunesu Taiga. Bheta and Everson Chieza directs the production. This college series premiered in October 2020. 

According to Chronicle, Kudakwashe Jani had this to say about the Blue Roof production;

The series is about a university boy Chipo who gets accidentally placed in a female boarding house because of his name and has to find his way around. Blue Roof seeks to portray the college life and issues to do how cultures have determined which gender deserves such a name. As College Central are known for producing the much-loved Wadiwa Wepa Moyo drama series while Savanna Trust have performed at international festivals’ plays among them the 2014 Nama Award winning Best Theatrical production, “Half Empty Half Full”, the comedy is something to watch out for as genius minds are behind the scenes,

Check out the 10 episodes below. Happy lockdown 😉

Episode 1 

Episode 2 

Episode 3 

Episode 4 

Episode 5 
Episode 6 
Episode 7 

Episode 8 
Episode 9 
Episode 10 
Gerald Muchandiona

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