Baba Harare And Noma Celebrate Love In Handidi Zvekumitisa

Baba Harare and Noma

Jit hit machine; Baba Harare fooled the  social media streets for a week with news that he got married. Apparently the posted pictures with Noma were just a marketing strategy for his “Handidi zvekumitisa“ release. The gimmick worked because visuals pulled strong numbers, it is currently sitting on 95 000 views under a week as l pen this.  The song speaks to longevity in unions and relationships with Baba Harare claiming “handidi zvekumitisa ndoda zvemuchato”. 

The visuals directed by Leoy V released ahead of Valentines’ Eve which speaks to celebrating romance and union. Noma served sweet melodies in Ndebele alongside Baba Harare. The Shona-Ndebele dual exachange was executed to perfection. 

Noma and Baba Harare dressed in matching African print outfit which largely represents the regalia for African weddings across the continent. Handidi zvekumitisa is one for the lovebirds, check it out here; 

Gerald Muchandiona

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