Dj Stavo Back With Ad Astra

Dj Stavo

Ad Astra! Its good to finally get some music from Dj Stavo. It has been a while. Out of retirement? Hiatus? I am not sure. But the title reminds me of a 2019 movie with the same title starring Brad Pitt. Besides the movie Ad Astra means “To The Stars” in Latin. 

It has been a while since Dj Stavo released music without any vocals. One of his last releases in 2019 was titled Bad news which he collaborated with Gemma Griffiths. During the eve of that release, Dj Stavo was very vocal about his frustrations of the Zimbabwe music industry. 

Ad Astra a 2021 offering which speaks emotion, a wide variety of emotion unpacked by the various electronic pitches, snares and kicks in the new song. It definitely sounds like Dj Stavo is exploring a new sound. Ad  Strata a seven minute dish served so well, welcome back Dj Stavo!

Gerald Muchandiona

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