Natasha Muz Joins Forces With Beav City, Dboi Mash, Roki, R. Peels And Denny To Ask All The Important Questions

Natasha Muz

Award winning femcee Natasha Muz switches up from her usual 16s to dishing out melodies in her new offering titled Questions. This track is an encouragement to her audience and is dedicated to asking the important socio-economical questions. Sounds too serious a subject mater you may think but it was uniquely packaged in an afro pop style with Natasha and Roki relaying the chorus. 

The Chitungwiza femcee roped in her homeboys Beav City, R Peels, Roki, Dboi Mash and Denny to ask these important questions. This is a very fitting track reflective of the current climate which characterizes of the Covid-19 pandemic, unemployment, poor service delivery and social decadence. 

Digging into the track Beav City warms up the microphone for Dboi with a mellow addictive flow.  Dboi Mash undresses how the economic meltdown in Zimbabwe has cost a lot of promising youth educational opportunities because resources have been looted. 

R. Peels comes through after a brief appearance by Roki and hits straight to the point in an emotional deliverance. It was only fitting to have his verse last because he brings to light a lot of injustices faced by the Zimbabwean youths and entrepreneurs. Denny the Saxo Player rides out the track with a magical saxophone melody. Cleff jones and Skizz beats did justice on the production of this masterpiece! Check it out let us know what you think; 

Zvichanaka here ndoquestion yema youth? 


Gerald Muchandiona

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